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Plant Light LED - Easy to use, energy efficient LED plant light for consumer use

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 11, 2014 07:14 CET

Star Trading offer a complete range of retrofit LED lamps apart from having one of the broadest assortmentsof Christmas and decorative lighting. At Northern Light Fair we launched two plant lamps designed respectively to cultivate plants or make them prosper in your home.LED technology can be precisely controlled to produce just the right wavelengths of light fitting the specificneeds of plants. This is important because humans and plants need different types of light. It is this technologywhich we have used to create two consumer friendly, easy to use lamps. “Cultivate” stimulates increasedgrowth and flowering and is suitable for locations specifically intended for growing plants. “Prosper” keepsyour fully grown plants well and can be used everywhere where you have plants at home. You can readmore about how it works in our catalogue.

We offer one of the broadest assortments of electrical Christmas lighting for consumer use. From modern and traditional wooden- and metal candlesticks, stars and stars on bases to glass balls and light chains for both indoor- and outdoor use, silhouettes and artificial Christmas trees with or without lighting