Polarbit and Fabrication Games release Zap & 8ball

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 07, 2010 11:03 CEST

Leading developers and independent publishers, Polarbit and Fabrication Games, announced today the release of Zap and 8ball on Android Market and iTunes AppStore.

Zap is a timeless arcade classic in which the player must clear a field of descending, brightly coloured balls by matching balls of the same colour before time is up. 8ball is a pick-up-and-play take on eight-ball pool. There are 15 balls on the table. The player has to sink his or her half of the balls and then the eight-ball before their opponent to win.

Both titles include global, cross platform high-score lists that allow you to share your top scores and compete for the highest score possible against other players from all over the world - regardless of which device or platform they play the game on.

Zap and 8ball are available now from Android Market and iTunes AppStore for $1.99 each.


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About Polarbit AB

Polarbit AB, founded in 2005, is an independent publisher and game and middleware developer focusing on high-end mobile and handheld devices. Their experience, dedication and uncompromising attitude towards quality ensure customers and users that Polarbit technology is always synonymous with world-class entertainment technology.


About Fabrication Games

Fabrication Games was founded after a MBO of Jadestone's Mobile department. The focus is development and publishing of high quality mobile games. The team has been fabricating mobile games since 2001 and won nine international awards in competitions like IMGA and IGF Mobile. Fabrication Games owns IPs such as Spirits, Kodo and World In War. It is privately owned and located in Stockholm, Sweden.