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Political/Church scandal of the century in Sweden.20101005

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 05, 2010 15:55 CEST

Female Bishop Ewa Brunne let herself be used in the swedish politikal agenda today at Storkyrkan In stockholm.

During the electioncampagne earlier this year,most of the parties have been accusing the new party Swedish Democratic Party,of beeing ; Rasists and other antidemokratic labels.The Female Bishop took these false accusations in to the Swedish Protestant church,as a part of her sermon today 20101005.

There was no doubt about,who these matters was directed to and so as to not let the Good Bishopess comit any more sins,the Represenatives of the Party (SD) walked away,out of the church, in protest.

The representatives from the other parties hastly commented the event,in the same direction ,as they before have done in the electioncampagne. Ofcourse they supported the Bishopess and her obviouse missleading defence for the situation.

His Holynes,Metropolitan John Tomas called the parish of Storkyrkan,where noone answered the phone. His Grace was very upset and Reminded the Bishopess of the sermon of the Mount,where christ forbid christians to judge others.He recorded his words on the telephonerecorder of the Parish and contacted mee to write about this article.

His Holy Beautitude saied that he will take this matter up with the International Church Council and will take these matters up also with the Patriarch of Antioch in Damascus.-A church where the Bishops foreward false accousations from politicians and do so under the false flagg of the Holy Gospels must be warned for,was His Holynes words before he called the Patriarch.

The same Bishopess is very liberal in other matters.She officially support Gay/Bi-sexual/lesbian love,in the same church,wich is strongly in contrary to the protestant teachings.-That is the only good she have done,was His Holynes John Tomas comment on that matter. -To be the politikal elites marionett and commit such a shameful act as she did today,makes me feel shame of beeing christian.If the Love of christ is that unpresent,the love of christ have been diluted,was the Good Bishops last comments in these matters.

Many more people than the swedish Demokrats are chocked over the act of the Bishopess.Several of the Orthodox synodes really do not belive that the protestant Swedish Church is devided from the state. -If a consecrated person in that church can foreward missleading politikal tactics in their Holy room of Devotion,then Christ and his love is not present,was words coming from the Office of Pope Shenouda of the Coptic Church.

Also the Anglican church is chocked.The Roman Catholic Church have not yet made any official comments in the matters and the same for the Russian Orthodox Church.-I doubt they even will comment it,as they do not recognise females as Bishops,and neighter do we,saied the people at the Romanian Orthodox church in Bucharesti.

The names of the officials,accept +++Metropolitan John Tomas,have excluded,as the matter of Female Bishops still is a very sensitive matter,even in the Swedish Church.

/Father.Michael.O.P.Presssecretary of the Metropolitat of Scandinavia

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