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Ponsus Pharma Signs a Nordic Distribution Agreement with Vitaflo Scandinavia AB

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 27, 2010 17:11 CET

STOCKHOLM, Jan. 27. Ponsus Pharma has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Vitaflo Scandinavia AB to distribute Proderm® Hud in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway to further strengthen Vitaflo Scandinavia AB’s strong portfolio of dermatological products.

Proderm Hud is a product that is used extensively by Ostomy patients, as it acts as a non-comodogenic barrier that prevents skin irritation that can be present when exposing the skin to stress. It is a unique foam product that rapidly penetrates the viable epidermis resulting in less irritation and a non-greasy feeling.

Another area where the product is appreciated is amongst athletes. "Adventure Racing is a sport where teams of four are racing within one hundred meters of each other for up to six days non-stop. Races can be well over 800 kilometers long, it is not out of the ordinary that we only sleep 1 - 2 hours per 24 hours of racing. If I am consistent with using Proderm Hud on my feet, I can be confident that I can keep my feet from falling apart due to constant wet weather" stated Mats Andersson team leader of Bjurfors Adventure Racing/ Sweden.

"Ponsus Pharma is very positive regarding this agreement. Our long-term strategy is to find dedicated marketing partners for both our current products and for product development of new dermatological products. As dermatology is one of Vitaflo Scandinavia’s future focus areas, Ponsus Pharma considers it as a perfect match for this product. " stated Lars Blak, CEO of Ponsus Pharma.

Olof Milveden, Chairman of Vitaflo Scandinavia, stated "The addition of Proderm Hud to the Vitaflo Scandinavia’s portfolio of dermatology products will definitely help to strengthen our overall product category. We are looking forward to a long-term relationship with Ponsus Pharma that we hope will include additional Proderm products in the future".


About Vitaflo AB

Vitaflo Scandinavia AB is a fully owned company within the Navamedic group. Navamedic is listed on the Oslo stock exchange since 2006.

Vitaflo Scandinavia was founded 2000 and has since emerged to be a leading Speciality Pharma company in the Nordics. Vitaflo Scandinavia offer foreign and domestic producers of pharmaceuticals and related products a market platform in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Balticum and Benelux. Vitaflo Scandinavia represents 18 producers from 12 different countries with more than 45 products on the market.

About Ponsus Pharma AB

Ponsus Pharma AB develops high performing dermatological products based on their patented Proderm Technology® for pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical companies, targeting the Fast Moving

Consumer Goods market. The water-lipid nature of the Proderm Technology allows for the ingredients to be rapidly absorbed and incorporated into the viable epidermis. Furthermore, Proderm Technology is non-comedogenic and provides a cosmetically elegant feel in addition to ease of application because it is non-greasy and spreads easily. Unlike some topical foam preparations, Proderm Technology does not use either alcohol or other organic solvents, therefore it is well tolerated by patients. Ponsus Pharma markets their products through a group of marketing partners in various countries.