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Postify Postcards expands to all mobile devices and invites the crowd to take part in the development of the company

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 04, 2013 17:36 CEST

Stockholm based startup Postify Postcards is, ever since initially launching in August 2012, growing exponentially and partnered up with Sweden’s largest equity crowd funding platform FundedByMe to facilitate the means for international expansion.

“We are looking to raise money for global expansion but are equally excited to use this opportunity to connect with as many as possible future partners and users in both Swedish and surrounding markets who can contribute to the speed of our growth” says Fredrik Schöön, Founder of Postify Postcards.

Modern consumers take pictures at every occasion, but lack to actively use these images as they get lost on camera rolls, hard disks and other devices. Postify’’s mission is to provide people with inspiration and possibilities for sharing valuable moments in a creative and memorable way.  Realizing that a postcard is very personal and therefor unlikely to end up in the trashcan the team discovered a huge potential for using postcards for effective, and above all creative, marketing purposes.

Being both appreciated by senders and recipients, while simultaneously creating an effective way for companies to create brand awareness and to deliver their message to their target group, lets Postify ensure an almost 100% penetration rate.

Currently Postify Postcards is already available for all iOS and Android devices as well as web application and Facebook application. After the launch of its mobile applications Postify has seen a strong organic growth in users, confirming that the phone is currently the most common camera used in today’s fast moving market place.

The company’s immediate focus lies in securing strategic B2B campaigns, partnerships and international expansion to Europe’s leading markets and the US. A successful equity crowd funding round on FundedByMe’s platform will allow Postify Postcards to expand its printer network to 25 countries by the end of 2013 and to hire the right mix of people to facilitate this expansion into new markets.

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Contact Fredrik Schöön for further information regarding Postify Postcards and their open round:

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Postify Postcards is a Swedish startup that offers an opportunity for users to turn their digital photos into physical products. Develope your smartphone images into physical paper copies using Postify Framkalla, or use Postify Postcards to send real postcards with your own images from your Facebook album, Instagram, computer or smartphone.

Our immediate focus lies in securing strategic B2B campaigns and collaborations using Postify Postcards, and we have already had several great campaigns together with companies and associations in Sweden. Now we are also looking on the possibilities to expand internationally.

We combine the traditional mail with today's social media. Whether you choose to develop your photos or sending postcards, privately or through a business or association/charity, Postify offers two simple, modern and user-friendly platforms that ensure that the joy arrives.

Postify. Send a smile ..


Fredrik Schöön, Founder

t. +4672700 66 52