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Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 08, 2019 14:31 CEST

Power One AB is now launching an investment opportunity in a 12 MW electricity generation unit for electrification of the Kabonga area in Burundi, central Africa.

Today, about 95% of Burundi's population lacks stable electricity supply and the needfor electrificationis a top priority for the Burundi government. Power One AB has for a long time developed a constructive collaboration with key people in the government and has now been offered an exclusive opportunity to establish itself as a total supplier of energy in the country.

The project is funded by Power One AB, which also provides the project model for the establishment of energy and IT systems. The project in Kabonga province will be the first of many future opportunities.

Power One AB today has a well-executed, high-quality project with the possibility of good profitability by electrifying a previously non-electrified area with pure renewable energy.

Power One combines a state-of-the-art solar power systemcombined with small-scale environmentally adapted hydro and wind power. The total power to be generated in Kabonga is 12 MWh, stabilized by a sustainable storage system that ensures a constant and uninterrupted flow of energy to the area. A stable internet connection and digital payment system are also included in the project.

The area consists of about thirty-five thousand households, of which 2400 have already registered. Those who have been registered have shown good ability to pay. With smartphones, they will easily pay their electricity consumption through an app.

- By generating clean and renewable energy within the framework of a sustainable economy, we will play a central role in the development of Burundi's future economy.The Power One concept combines renewable energywith access to blockchain technology, smart contracts and fractional investments via high-speed Internet. In this way, Burundi can bypass the economicsof the last century and go directly into the future by developing a sustainable and decentralized economy with less need for middle hands. This combined with a high solar factor gives Burundi an economic advantage, says Peter Rinaldo, COO Power One AB.

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