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Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 04, 2006 08:44 CEST

Offering a small footprint, large capacity, easy deployment and faster time-to-market, the enclosures provide wireless operators with an innovative and cost-effective solution

SANTA ANA, Calif., April 3, 2006 - Powerwave Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:PWAV), a global source for end-to-end wireless infrastructure solutions, today announced the introduction of its new VersaFlex™ family of base station enclosures, which will be on display at CTIA Wireless 2006, taking place April 5-7, 2006, in Las Vegas.

Powerwave added VersaFlex (formerly know as Rubix), base station enclosures to its family of wireless infrastructure solutions following its recent acquisition of selected assets and liabilities of Infrastructure Solutions, LLC.

VersaFlex base station enclosures feature an innovative modular design that provides wireless network operators with a smaller footprint, larger equipment capacity, and faster installation than competing products. The VersaFlex enclosure houses wireless network base station equipment and protects it from the elements.

“Powerwave is committed to providing our customers with innovative wireless infrastructure solutions that will drive the next wave of growth in wireless,” said Ronald J. Buschur, President and Chief Executive Officer, Powerwave Technologies. “We believe the VersaFlex base station enclosure will appeal to our customers, who look to us for solutions that help them to enhance their services, lower costs and improve performance.”

The VersaFlex base station enclosure is designed to help wireless operators make the most from their existing real estate portfolios, leveraging capital expenditures and freeing up space to provide potential new revenue streams. Built to accommodate small lease spaces, the VersaFlex base station enclosure is 40 percent smaller than traditional base station enclosures -- yet can hold 50 percent more equipment. The VersaFlex base station enclosure can come equipped with all equipment and cabling on sliding racks that can be moved vertically and horizontally, providing ease of maintenance and flexibility to accommodate additional equipment and new technology as needed. The enclosure’s design features heating, ventilation and air conditioning delivered through the floor, ensuring proper air flow among all equipment housed in the enclosure. This helps to eliminate “hot spots,” significantly reducing meantime between equipment failures.

The VersaFlex base station enclosure offers quick and easy deployment. The enclosure can be delivered pre-configured and pre-cabled, and can be dropped at the location fully populated. Due to its smaller footprint, the VersaFlex base station enclosure can be installed with a forklift, as opposed to a crane. And since it is lighter than traditional base station enclosures -- 6,500 lbs. vs. the average 50,000 lbs. of a typical enclosure -- it costs less to ship and is ideal for rooftop deployments.

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