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Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 22, 2006 08:57 CET

The wireless coverage solution installed in the nation’s second largest public transit agency provides enhanced communications capabilities for operations and emergency personnel

SANTA ANA, Calif. – March 21, 2006 - Powerwave Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:PWAV), a leading supplier of end-to-end wireless infrastructure solutions, today announced the deployment of a multi-technology, multi-carrier wireless coverage system designed to enhance the Chicago Transit Authority’s (CTA) existing two-way radio system and improve redundant subway communication options for CTA, Chicago Police Department and Chicago Fire Department/EMS personnel. In addition, the system will be able to accommodate commercial services, which will allow customers to use their wireless devices throughout CTA’s subway system and provide an additional revenue stream for the agency.

The project for the CTA was competitively bid and completed through a collaborative effort between Powerwave and Liberty, Ill.-based Aldridge Electric, Inc., one of the United States’ largest electrical contractors. The coverage solution was designed and implemented by Powerwave, and installed by Aldridge Electric and extends throughout the subway system’s two 11.4-mile tunnels, combining Powerwave’s next-generation fiber-based indoor distributed antenna system which provides multi-technology, multi-carrier wireless coverage to commercial customers, with an independent UHF/VHF system that supports uninterrupted wireless access.

“Our proven expertise in providing coverage solutions for complex environments worldwide, coupled with Aldridge Electric’s extensive installation experience within Chicago’s subway system, provides the Chicago Transit Authority with the most comprehensive, cost-efficient method for expanding communications capabilities,” said Ronald J. Buschur, President and Chief Executive Officer, Powerwave Technologies. “Combining the flexibility of a common fiber optic network with the power of a robust RF combined antenna and radiating cable system, our multi-technology platform also gives carriers the opportunity to provide transit customers with the convenience of high-quality, seamless wireless phone and data coverage.”

Powerwave offers one of most extensive lines of antennas in the world, covering virtually every major frequency, band and channel. The CTA wireless coverage solution is based on a series of repeaters and antennas connected to a common fiber-optic backbone devised by Powerwave’s Coverage System Innovation team, a group of RF and system engineers specializing in the delivery of turnkey solutions for complex environments. With expertise forged through the delivery of one million antenna systems worldwide, the team is adept in providing wireless coverage in obstructive environments that extend to subways, airports, road tunnels, railways, bridges, shopping centers, mines, dense urban areas and office buildings. The team incorporates flexible, modular products that support evolving technology requirements with ongoing operational and maintenance capabilities.

Comprised of Powerwave antennas located throughout the transit system and supporting commercial services, as well as radiating cables for supporting UHF/VHF transmissions, Powerwave’s fiber-based distributed antenna network will transmit mobile radio signals from strategically positioned radio base station hotels outside of the CTA subway tunnel system. In addition to supporting all major U.S. wireless service providers serving the area including cellular and PCS, the system enhances the communication capabilities of the CTA with an independent radio-frequency system that supports the Chicago Police Department, the Chicago Fire Department, the CTA’s own two-way radio system, and emergency medical services (EMS).

Powerwave’s multi-technology, multi-carrier wireless coverage systems provide a substantial cost savings over other competing solutions due to fewer initial infrastructure requirements and maintenance routines, shorter installation times, and smooth technology upgrades. Aldridge Electric, Inc. and Powerwave Technologies completed the project on schedule.

Powerwave’s wireless backbone integrates carrier-dedicated equipment that enables carriers choosing to use the system to be completely independent of one another, yet still have the ability to manage their individual networks via base stations located in a centralized base station hotel that feeds signals into the active distributed antenna system.

The CTA joins more than a dozen other transit systems around the globe that have deployed Powerwave Technologies’ indoor distributed antenna systems. Other locations include the Berlin Subway, Bonn Metro and Nurnberg Metro (Germany); Santiago Metro (Chile); Brussels Metro (Belgium); Moscow Metro (Russia); Taipei TRTC (China); Rio de Janiero Metro (Brazil); Buenos Aires Metro (Argentina); Valencia Metro and High Speed Train (Spain); and, Railway Soderhamn and Arlanda Express Fast Rail Link (Sweden).

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