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Don't miss Prague Museum Night - 14th of June!

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 11, 2014 15:11 CEST

Come and enjoy a feast of science, art and knowledge! On the night of June 14 you will get into Prague's museums and galleries for free or for a symbolic fee.

This year, the event involves 39 Prague museums, galleries and other cultural institutions and 68 buildings will be open for all those with a thirst for knowledge. A rich accompanying program for the whole evening is prepared for each of the buildings, ensuring that none of the visitors will be bored.

This year's premiere

The best of previous years will of course remain: As in the past, the Prague Museum Night offers tours of museums and galleries in the non-traditional nighttime hours and special transport buses from 18.30 to 1.15 will be set up for free. The Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, at Charles University on Lesser Town Square has also joined in on the Prague Museum Night for the first time. It is located next to the St. Nicholas Church.You can peek into the Baroque refectory decorated with frescoes, where graduation ceremonies and concerts are held, but regular visitors rarely see.

Experiences you won't forget

Exceptional places that can be visited during the Prague Museum Night include the Fata Morgana greenhouse and the St. Clare Vineyard in the Prague Botanical Garden.The eleventh anniversary of the Prague Museum Night is also coming to the New Town Hall. Don’t miss out on the night views of Prague from its tower and see an exhibition of historical engravings of the Prague basin in the apartment of the jailer. The traditionally rich and unusual accompanying program was also prepared by the Army Museum in Žižkov. Not only can you see and touch a variety of firearms there, but under the supervision of museum staff you can even try out your shooting aim. In the National Technical Museum at Letná, historians will enjoy exhibitions of early medieval iron production technology in a replica of a Slavic oven or listen to music from phonograph cylinders from the workshop of Thomas Alva Edison. On Old Town Square in Kinský Palace, which belongs to the National Gallery and where you can see the old art of Asia, you will be able to taste Japanese tea and witness the traditional processes for its preparation.

Where, when, what, how and why?

Are you interested in programs for families with children or are you perhaps looking for quiet places, concerts or gastronomic pleasure? All information including recommended transport links are available at the information stands. Those will be located both at Wenceslas square in front of the historical building of the National Museum (open on Friday 13.6 from 12 pm-7 pm and on Saturday 14.6 from 10 am to 12 am). You will also get maps of special bus routes and a list of institutions that you can visit within the Prague Museum Night.

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