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Swedish start-up xpuff cleans up your calls from sound pollution

Press Release   •   Jan 19, 2017 07:00 CET

- New smartphone accessory blocks wind noise and diminishes disturbing noises

In our time of constant communication and on the go-lifestyles, a seamless integration between tech tools and social interactions is highly sought after. The new headphone cord add-on xpuff solves the common problem of disturbing noises during calls, often caused by surrounding environments.

xpuff is a new mobile phone accessory that blocks wind noises and diminishes din such as scraping and bangs. By attaching the small “puff” on the microphone and volume control on your headphone cords, unwanted sounds are filtered and eliminated, resulting in calls – as well as film and sound recordings – of a superior quality.

The challenge with audial disturbances may be complicated, but the design patented xpuff has a very simple and completely analogue construction. All parts of this product and its package are prepared for easy source separation, making it eco-friendly. The xpuff is tested by SP (The Technical Research Institute of Sweden) that demonstrates 70 – 76 percent wind noise reduction between 4 – 12 m/s.

After a year of prototype trials, often on the many bridges and docks of Stockholm, the xpuff is ready to make calls sound better around the world. To be able to start production, the xpuff team have a goal to raise funds via a Kickstarter campaign. Early bird buyers can purchase the xpuff for a better price – and be among the first in the world to beta test din free dialogue.

Soon on Kickstarter!

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About xpuff

The xpuff is a smartphone accessory which makes calls sound better by filtering, blocking and diminishing disturbing noises, such as wind, scraping and bangs. The product is designed and developed by the Swedish entrepreneur and industrial designer duo Lukas Belsander and Jochen Lavéno Mangelsdorff. The xpuff brand and patent is owned by Form The Solution, a company also founded and operated by the duo.

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