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Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 01, 2008 13:59 CEST

Madrid, 30th august de 2008.- In relation to what became known yesterday in the appearance of the Minister of Public Works, Magdalena Alvarez, before the Transport Commission, Spanair wants to clarify:

• When the pilot of flight JK5022 Madrid-Las Palmas requested on the 20th August to return to the platform, the company informed to the airport and to all those involved in this operation, that should a change of aircraft be required, there was another aircraft available. The Company did not determine that it was necessary to change the aircraft.

• Before any technical, operational or weather irregularity affecting the original schedule of any flight, the standard procedure for every airline is to check if standby planes are available in order to minimize inconvenience and delays. Spanair schedules between 2 or 3 standby planes in its main bases, according its regular and charter flights programme (up to 350 daily flights in peak season), so as to operate with high levels of punctuality.

• In the case of flight JK5022, after an initial technical assessment and an estimation of the time required to address the condition, the maintenance technicians concluded that it would not be necessary to swap the plane, as it was a minor repair that could take place in a period not exceeding the 15 minutes.

• The plane was on the platform for 33 minutes, so a change of aircraft was not justified as it would have implied a delay of more than 60 minutes for the disembarkation of passengers, baggage and cargo and its later boarding in a new plane, or even a longer delay as the new flight would have missed its takeoff slot.

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