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Prince Carl Philip interprets the Botanical Garden in Uppsala

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 27, 2007 10:15 CET

The Museum Gustavianum is celebrating the Tercentenary of the birth of
Linnaeus by hosting the exhibition “A Glimpse of Paradise: Prince Carl
Philip Interprets the Botanical Garden in Uppsala." Prince Carl Philip
presents a photographic portrait of the Botanical Garden where the legacy
of Carl Linnaeus springs eternal. His guide is the world-renowned
photographer and Uppsala resident Mattias Klum.

In the 19th century, the Gustavianum was the main building of Uppsala
University, and Carl Linnaeus held innumerable lectures there. Today this
edifice is the University Museum, and the theme for the Tercentenary Year
is Linnaeus as a Teacher. To transmit knowledge in an inspiring manner is
a difficult art, according to the Museum´s director, Ing-Marie Munktell.
But Carl Linnaeus was a master. “We are truly delighted to welcome Prince
Carl Philip to Museum Gustavianum, with his interpretation of the Botanical
Garden," says Ing-Marie Munktell. “The Botanical Garden will be the heart of
the 2007 Linnaeus Tercentenary. We are happy to have a chance to show off
our exquisite gardens and are also proud that the prince has chosen to take
part in the celebrations in this way," says Anders Hallberg, Vice-Chancellor
of Uppsala University.

The pictures also form the basis of a book about the Botanical Garden that
Uppsala University has taken the initiative for ahead of the 2007 Linnaeus
Tercentenary. The authors are Karin Martinsson and Magnus Lidén. The book
and the exhibition have been designed by the artist Michel Östlund,
together with Prince Carl Philip.

Picture: Prince Carl Philip. Photo: Mattias Klum. “A Glimpse of Paradise:
Prince Carl Philip Interprets the Botanical Garden in Uppsala" will be on
display at Museum Gustavianum in Uppsala from May 30 through October 15,

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