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Proact wins European support business

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 06, 2009 09:03 CEST

Archive and storage specialists Proact have entered into an extensive support agreement with an international supplier of outsourcing services. This deal is worth at least SEK 15 million and means that Proact will be responsible for supporting storage, archiving and backup in 15 European countries.

This agreement gives Proact overall responsibility for support for one of the biggest clients of this outsourcing supplier, a leading organisation in the telecoms industry. This commission involves 24-hour support of IT systems for storage, backup and archiving and is applicable to both hardware and software, as well as consultancy services.

According to this agreement, Proact will also streamline and develop operations in respect of resource utilisation, time, availability and future investments. Proact was previously commissioned to provide support in the Nordic region, but this has now been extended to cover the client company's divisions in 15 European countries. This agreement is valid for one year, but it may be extended.

"This is a strategically important deal for us, and at the same time it confirms that our expansion in Northern Europe is paying off. We are acquiring more and more clients who operate across large parts of Europe, and the best way in which we can support them is to be there on site for them," says Olof Sand, CEO and Group President of Proact. Proact has set up operations in Estonia and the Netherlands over the past year. The company's objective is to have a presence in most countries in Northern Europe within four years.

Besides Proact's presence in Europe, the company's special position as independent specialists in the field of archive and storage solutions was an important criterion when it came to selecting Proact for the job. In the various countries, the client company has a range of different platforms for its IT operations, so demanding both broad and in-depth knowledge of storage and archiving.

"We work in partnership with the leading suppliers of hardware and software, and this means the client will not have to work with a number of different suppliers. With our experience and expertise, along with our independent position, we can always select the services and solutions that would best suit each individual situation," says Peter Javestad, Vice President of Proact.

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Olof Sand, President and CEO of Proact, tel.: +46 8 410 666 00, e-mail:
Peter Javestad, Vice President of Proact, tel.: +46 8 410 667 22, e-mail:

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