Globe Concept

Probably, the most compact workplace on earth.

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 27, 2013 15:29 CET

”Conventional workplaces will be challenged by compact units, that better suits our new, more flexible and IT-driven way of working. Peter Opsvik”

The Globe Concept is developed by the Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik, renowned for the classic high chair Tripp Trapp, the office chair Capisco and the revolutionary Balans Concept. Together with its cooperative partner Moment AB, the Opsvik company has developed an entirely new concept for the modern and flexible workplace. The Globe Concept is created to inspire curiosity and make sitting active – in both public spaces and offices.

·  A higher seating position provides a better outlook, better reach and better


·  The rounded seat and back makes sitting more dynamic and active.

·  The shape and flexibility of the ball-shaped back supports the upper body
  and the arms at various angles.

·  The ball-shaped footrest provides an even greater variety of sitting positions.

·  The Globe Concept is designed to suit most people, without the need for
  time-consuming, complex adjustments.

Globe "Tree" is the first “all-inclusive” laptop workplace. It has everything you need incorporated in a smart and eye-catching unit. Here you may sit and work comfortably in a minimum amount of space. And as soon as you leave, it is ready to welcome the next user.

The design fits most users without the need for tedious and complicated adjustments. You decide where you want the tables – as a work surface for your laptop and a sideboard for your mobile phone and coffee cup, or to just support your arm while you think.

The Globe Concept family also includes the chair GLOBE TWO and the smaller guest chair / pallet GLOBE ONE.

For more information about the Globe Concept, please contact

Anders Olsson, Moment AB

+46 8 22 88 06