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Project Red Card - Worldwide Premiere at Hollywood Weekly Film Festival in the fall of 2015.

Press release   •   Jun 12, 2015 08:01 CEST

Project Red Card is a PR approach merging different “art” forms in a creative, new, collaborative and nontraditional way to finance culture. Working within the agency, interacting and co-creating, with its clients together with strong business partners suited in a perfect match. A project built on a strategic social media and web platform in cooperation with Hollywood Weekly Magazine and Hollywood Weekly Film Festival bringing in different art forms and artists to collaborate and market each other. A project where ”Red Card” is the common denominator, in creating / making /filming a trailer / feature in Stockholm, Sweden, besides launching a new Sports Crime book, new in its genre. We use product placements with a new compensation model included in the film trailer and also in connection to Hollywood Weekly Film Festival where the trailer will have its world premiere. Behind the project is Maria Vascsak Agency, Manager Maria Vascsak, in charge of the project, and a tremendous Team!

Maria Vascsak is one of the successful owners and creator of the most exciting Swedish agency there is today where she takes 11 actors/writers/directors and producers under her wings. Maria has always travelled the world and with a BSBA degree from the International University of Monaco she has a solid background in marketing, communication, PR, brand awareness plus legal issues. Her natural sharpness, wit, passion and determination has taken her a long way.

Maria Vascsak Agency, a Boutique Agency, international in every aspect with its main focus in Stockholm, London, New York and Los Angeles. It is both a Literary and Acting Management Agency as well as a platform for Directors and Producers, additionally it has several exciting and creative relationships in the world of art. Maria Vascsak Agency is to be mentioned working tightly with the prestigious magazine Hollywood Weekly, where her clients are mentioned frequently.

The project involves three elements:

-Movie in pre-production / Trailer with worldwide premiere of trailer in the fall of 2015 at Hollywood Weekly Film Festival.

-Worldwide Film scene competition with submission opening June 16, 2015 

-Book launch 2016

"As an international referee is found murdered the media focuses on a network of match-fixing which extends right up to the FIFA headquarters. The former promising talent, Martin Kohler, now a well-regarded digital forensics, becomes involved in the case. But the tracks are leading to the one he loves. One he would do anything to protect".

Film makers:
Director, Fredric Keith Reshew / @freshew, an internationally recognized photographer and filmmaker. He is specifically known for his striking Beauty images and portraiture of famous musicians and celebrities. Fredric began his directing career in London with his abstract 3 minute short film Breathe and was written up by the prestigious “Campaign Screen Magazine” as the new hot director to watch. He then later moved to NYC and directed his next Award-winning short film ‘OM’. The film was extremely well received and was in over 25 festivals worldwide and received critical acclaim from places as far-reaching as China. Reshew’s latest short film “Rosenberg” again had its Debut in China. This time at the The European Union Film Festival of 2014. Rosenberg shot entirely in Stockholm Sweden has also been picked up for World Wide distribution by Indiefilx and HD Shorts International, and can now be viewed on HULU and DIRECT TV Channels. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Fredric went on to live in the photography and film capitals of the world, including Paris, Milan, London and NYC. He now spends his time between Stockholm and Los Angeles with his wife and two children.

Cinematographer / DOP, Roy Rossovich, Growing up in Southern California Roy spent a fair amount of time on movie sets with his dad, actor Rick Rossovich (Top Gun, Terminator, Roxanne) which inspired him at an early age to want to work with production. In the early 2000’s Roy moved to Sweden to study graphic design and fine art. He worked several years with fashion, editorials and printed beauty commercials before submerging himself into the world of feature film eventually. Now working as a Cinematographer he has shot two indie features in 2013 as well as a fair share of short films. Base 05 which premiered at the Boston Sci-fi Festival in 2014 was his directorial debut and he looks forward to continuing with his own projects in the future. Having a foot in both the American and Swedish cultures Roy travels with work constantly and is happy to call both sides of the pond home.

Music composer, Federico Vaona is a composer, arranger and music producer in Europe. He has worked on the most popular TV network channels like Antena 3, Telecinco, TVE, Mediaset Group and RAI. He is the owner and President of Aguarecords Productions Company. He internationally released his album MYSTICO, a project that mixes Gregorian Chants, Piano, Opera Chants and Electronic Rythms. MYSTICO hits Number 1 on Top Electronic Albums for iTunes Spain. Recent work includes him as music consultant at "57th Annual Young Musicians Foundation" directed by Christopher Allport, featuring John Williams, "The Miracle Of Love Theme" composed for the original script "I want you to be my baby - The Lillian Briggs Story", written and produced by Lee Schiller - Always Another Way Productions and the music soundtracks of "Guinness World Records" Tv Show in Italy. From June 2013 he was elected to be the President of Territorial Counsellors in SGAE (Songwriter Society) in Madrid - Spain.  Traveling the world for work, Federico has Italian background and is now living in Los Angeles.

Starring roles:
Actor Said William Legue is together with Maria Vascsak the founder of this fresh agency. Said has just signed a movie contract in Hollywood were he starred in Opus by An Angel shot earlier this year. He started as a soccer player but acting and writing became his true north in life. He has been part of more than 14 movies, some short films and even three major theater productions since 2003. Part of productions e.g Hamilton 2, award winning Bron (Bridge) and Ettor och Nollor (The Fat and The Angry) Like all Maria’s clients he speaks several different languages.

Actress Moa Malan possesses great skills in martial art and stunt performances and she is the only Scandinavian actress to have acted in a role where full contact fighting is demanded. Since 2012 she can also perform the Chubbuck Acting Technique. Moa is the first Scandinavian Actress to be nominated in the categories Female Action Performer of the year as well as Break Out Action Star. Lately she has produced and written her own work Redeem alongside director Dennis Petersen.

Actor Viktor Åkerblom had his debut on Swedish Television at the age of 16, since then we have seen him on TV, Film and on stage in several productions. Victor is still young but already very successful. In the summer of 2013 he filmed the feature film Huldra, and the same year in the fall another starring role in Long Way Home, in Los Angeles and Sweden. 2014 was another successful year, with more than five films in total. Soon to come are "Huldra - Lady of the Forest" and "Zone 261". This summer Viktor has two ongoing film projects and in the fall a key role in an international production. Viktor has even casted against the international established actress Noomi Rapace.

Business collaboration selected to perfectly match Project Red Card:

Hollywood Weekly Magazine, established in 2001, features the best of Los Angeles entertainment with style, class and flare, showcasing LA's rich cultural diversity in the world of arts and entertainment. We're located on the iconic Sunset Gower Studios lot in Hollywood, bringing us closer to the stories you want to read about! This colorful, glossy publication has grown into a hugely popular, celebrity-driven lifestyle magazine, primarily due to our simple motto: "No Gossip, Strictly Entertainment" ® - a refreshing change from other celebrity publications. Distribution on more than 60 locations in Los Angeles as well as worldwide dirstibution.

Hollywood Weekly Film Festival 2nd Annual Hollywood Weekly Film Festival will be held this fall. Last year, Hollywood Weekly's Film Festival received over 300 films from 60 different countries and although it was privately held, it was packed. They are now officially accepting new submissions. They are open to all types of projects including animation, horror, dramas, comedies - both shorts and features. This year they plan to return to the renown Charles Aidikoff screening room in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, that has served as a premiere location for film screenings for over 75 years showcasing films of some of Hollywood's icons. Prizes to winning submissions, including, scholarships, distribution contacts, introductions to Agents and exposure in Hollywood Weekly Magazine.

XIKO ART the fresh approach to art; "art to art" – an authentic plexiography in limited edition. The man in charge is Christian Bergenstråhle who has his showroom in Stockholm, Sweden.He is one of a kind and a new star on the horizon. Maria Vascsak agency has several projects together with Christian. For starters the Project Red Card is the most recent collaboration and will shake the world in art like nothing seen before. It is the world premiere!

Good asset management comprises of top notch investing skills, transparent pricing and respect for clients. We want to be even more, because we want to take a substantial role in improving the wellbeing of the society. -"A healthier financial sector, better financial services and the support to individuals are the cornerstones we believe in and the things on which we work".


Information of Project Red Card:

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