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Promising Nordic cleantech startups selected to participate in high-profile idea competition in Silicon Valley.

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 17, 2011 10:54 CEST

Nordic Cleantech Open has selected four promising Nordic cleantech growth companies to participate in the Cleantech Global Ideas Competition, 15-16 November, the world’s leading cleantech competition in San Jose, California. The four companies, are chosen among the applicants to the Nordic Cleantech Open competition.

Global Ideas Competition is headed by American Cleantech Open - the world's largest business event for the clean technologies sector. Thousands of investors, policy makers, entrepreneurs, global enterprises, universities and the press participate in the event.

Bay Area/San Jose can also show off by having the highest concentration of cleantech investors throughout the entire United States. The Nordic companies will enjoy the opportunity to present their business ideas to them, and to potential customers during a special Nordic Day – the Nordic Cleantech Showcase. The focus during this day will be matchmaking between these Nordic growth companies and the vibrant venture capital scene in California.

The selection was based partly on the companies’ business case analysis – it must be suitable for the U.S. market, and partly on the following key criteria:

- Concept and business idea: should be practical, workable and clear
- Viable business idea: are there potential markets?
- Innovation: breakthroughs in innovation and / or design
- Sustainability: a positive impact on the environment

- This year we have had an incredible number of good companies to choose from, so the selection process has been tougher than the past year. The challenge was to identify the companies that have the right mix of business case and are suitable for a U.S. market, says Alexander Bigge Lidgren, MD Nordic Cleantech Open.

The 2011 finalists are appointed by Nordic Cleantech Open, and a jury of more than 50 influential business representatives from multinational companies and leading investors, including Veiola, AlfaLaval, BASF, 3M, Metso, Grundfos, Siemens, WHEB Ventures, Climate Change Capital, Industrifonden, Ahlström Capital och Incitia Capital.  Application to NordicCleantech Open Nordic final stays open until December 7, 2011.

The selected “California Four” are:


The flame free catalytic combustion in ReformTechs unique catalytic heaters provides several advantages such as high fuel efficiency without any dangerous emissions. Among other advantages with this exciting technology is, the possibility to use different fuels, a directionally controllable heat radiation, low costs and robust performance. The catalytic heaters from Reformtech can be utilized for example in automotive applications for engine and compartment heating, battery pre-heating, heating in mobile homes as well as for other applications where efficiency, signature and environmental impacts are vital to the user.


The current focus of Ekolit is to commercialize a product family of a brand new type of acoustic, thermal and fire insulating construction materials with integrated lightweight elements. Primary areas of use are in houses, ships and infrastructures, secondarily the material can also be used for vehicles, machinery and power plants. The process technology is lean and enables low investment and operational costs. The solution includes reuse of industrial wastes that can be adapted to local raw materials and utilized globally. The material enables constructions that can improve energy efficiency, absorb noise, reduce fire hazards and improve overall safety and comfort of living. 


The Light Rotor is a innovative technology developed by Norwegian Norsetek. It includes a new structural arrangement for how to build large wind turbine rotors. This enables rotors to be lighter and larger so that they have a far better cost efficiency. The conventional three-bladed and cantilevered blade design was originally made for blade lengths of 8-10 meters. This design is today scaled up to 65 meters or more. The weight of the rotor then increases more than the energy harvested from the rotor area. The Norsetek technology can save up to 40% of material weight, significantly lowering costs related to material. The rotors are sectionable which enables easy transports of large wind turbines on roads and on the sea.

Vistvaen Orka

The LED based photobioreactor of Vistvaen Orka is an energy efficient way of achieving ultra-high productivity from microalgae. By efficiently integrating photonics and biotechnology, the bioreactor can increase the productivity from microalgae manifold in comparison to current methods. The bioreactor is modular, scalable and can utilize waste heat from a building’s HVAC to maintain optimal growth temperatures during wintertime. The bioreactor only viable solution that can be used for fixation of carbon dioxide and at the same time can be integrated in green and sustainable buildings architecture.

Global Ideas Competition:

About Nordic Cleantech Open:

Nordic Cleantech Open is a business competition that aims to identify, enhance and showcase the top 25 cleantech companies in the early stages in the Nordic countries every year.

Alexander Lidgren, Managing director Nordic Cleantech Open


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