protect your cloud before the thounder comes

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 10, 2017 19:36 CET


Amazon has a data protection service (backup); which works in the back ground.

It takes a snapshot of the database, and sends the snapshot data to an offline location.

There is no guarantee about how fast you can restore a database.

And it is tricky to restore a single file.

RTO: best effort

RPO: daily


Has eVault as a service, which offers similar functionality.

eVault is a filesystem snapshot function, and might have impact of performance

Our solutions are "Cloud Solution Certified"; and can use any of the major cloud providors.

For some of the database applications, you do not need to install any agent on the protected host, a so call agent-less backup software.

It uses very little resources, as it sends only changed content (block level incremental forever); and stores only data that no other protected server has stored before using De-duplication technique, and compresses the data before it is stored.

You can also reverse the restoration by only restoring the changes back to the origin server.

If you want to give it a try, take contact with us.


We keep IT safe, by making sure that the business data is secured from data loss using unique data protection techniques.

Our solutions save money, thanks to data reduction technologies; such as block level incremental forever (only backup the changed content); compression, de-duplication etc.

It also save resources (power,cooling, cpu consumptions, disk I/O, network), thanks to journaling, client de-duplication etc.