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Proxim Announces Availability of Gigabit Wireless Backhaul Links for Fiber Alternative in the Nordic Region

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 30, 2008 20:15 CEST

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, Sep 30, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX News Network) -- Proxim Wireless Corporation (NASDAQ: PRXM), a leading provider of end-to-end broadband wireless systems that deliver the quadruple play, today announced the immediate availability of its GigaLink family of carrier-class point-to-point radios and its QuickBridge 60250 wireless bridges in the Nordic Region. The GigaLink(R) series of radios enable carriers, ISPs, enterprises and governments to install wireless full-duplex Gigabit Ethernet links at distances ranging between 20 meters and two kilometres. Proxim's QuickBridge 60250 solution provides a complete "hop in a box" delivering 250 Mbps up to 500 meters in a small form factor for fast installation for short-range, high-bandwidth applications.

"Proxim's GigaLink radios and QuickBridge 60250 links have been used by carriers, ISPs, enterprises and governments to provide high-performance wireless -- up to fiber speeds with the GigaLink -- at a fraction of the cost, and with much greater speed and ease of deployment," said Ralf Labeda, Regional Sales Manager Nordics & Baltics at Proxim Wireless. "With the European Union's ongoing investment and commitment to bringing broadband connectivity to more areas throughout Sweden and other Nordic countries, the GigaLink and QuickBridge 60250 solutions fill a key need for high-performance connectivity without the hassle, time, and cost of pulling fiber."

GigaLink(R) Series

Proxim's GigaLink series of point-to-point wireless bridges offer the performance of fiber at a fraction of the cost. Unlike existing solutions, Proxim's GigaLink radios combine full-duplex Gigabit Ethernet performance with latency lower than physical fiber at comparable distances. Key features of Proxim's GigaLink series include:

High Performance and Reliability

-- Third-generation, mature product line -- Capacity of 1.25 Gbps Full Duplex (2.5 Gbps aggregate) at distances up to 2 kilometres per hop at 99.99% availability -- Extremely high link availability up to 99.999% with direct fiber interface

Extensive Security

-- Narrow beam width increases security and enables virtually interference-free operation -- Physical layer interface transports only binary data bits -- Significant frequency re-use at short distances enables the deployment of a larger number of links in a given geographic area without interference

Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

-- Compact size and weight designed for outdoor deployments -- Direct network interface at terminal eliminates the need for an IDU -- Custom network planning and link deployment tools

QuickBridge 60250

Proxim's QuickBridge 60250 is a point-to-point wireless bridge operating in the 60 GHz license-free band. It delivers 250 Mbps of robust connectivity up to 500 meters, all in one of the industry's easiest to install solutions. Key features of Proxim's QuickBridge 60250 products include:

Complete "Hop-in-a-Box" for Unprecedented Ease of Installation

-- The Proxim QuickBridge 60250 bundle is one of the easiest to install broadband wireless bridges on the market -- Requiring no training or wireless experience, the QuickBridge 60250 can be installed within hours -- Each solution includes everything needed to set up a link right out of the box

Application Versatility

-- Due to its low power consumption, QuickBridge 60250 can be easily powered by alternate power sources, such as solar power -- QuickBridge 60250 can be effectively used in latency-sensitive application like video surveillance and VoIP because of its low latency

Flexible Management

-- Proxim's QuickBridge 60250 offers flexible management and easy administration -- To monitor the status and the traffic, users scan access the link statistics via Web GUI or by integrating it into a network management tool via SNMP

Proxim provides an end-to-end portfolio of wireless broadband products that enable flexible, integrated solutions for all organizations, regardless of the type of connectivity desired or the applications being deployed over the network. The GigaLink family of wireless backhaul radios is deployed as an alternative to fiber. It is simpler and quicker to deploy and much more cost effective than fiber, and can be used to create a wireless fiber ring or to connect enterprise buildings together. Proxim's QuickBridge 60250 links provide enterprises, governments and other organizations an easy-to-deploy, high performance wireless backhaul solution for short-range situations. Its compact design and operation in the 60 Ghz range enables the QuickBridge 60250 to be deployed quickly in a wide variety of scenarios, and with 250 Mbps performance, it can handle the most bandwidth intensive voice and video applications.

The GigaLink and QuickBridge 60250 products are available to order immediately. For more information on how to order, please visit

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