Rehnmark Industrial Design (R-ID)

R-ID releases the design of a new airport furniture, Stockholm Puls, for Arlanda Airport

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 11, 2012 10:41 CEST

The airport furniture Stockholm Puls is designed by R-ID, Rehnmark Industrial Design, for the client Swedavia which is Sweden’s largest operator and owner of airports. Approximately 20 million passengers travel through Stockholm Arlanda Airport each year. 90 minutes is the average wait time for among passengers, which also means that the airport itself has 90 minutes to appeal to the passengers. The unique multi-functional design of Stockholm Puls captures the ergonomics of both a sofa and a divan which makes the furniture group neatly fill the gap which Arlanda has in many years struggled with; the combination of relax and resting area with comfortable sitting solutions

The furniture series, Stockholm Puls, is designed with the passengers comfort in mind. The design was focused to create an area where travelers can comfortably rest, do their everyday activities while waiting for their flight. What makes Stockholm Puls unique is the combination of resting and public seating in a more personal manner. The flexibility and different seating options of the furniture group satisfies the wide spectrum of passengers. An additional novel feature of Stockholm Puls is the possibility to create different styling of the interior that satisfies various of seating and resting needs.

R-ID, Rehnmark  |  Industrial Design, is a Swedish design firm focused on bringing the client highly innovative products and solutions.