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Raise Reach Announces Client's New Real Estate Project In Haninge

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 03, 2019 16:47 CEST

Raise Reach, a Stockholm-based crowdfunding platform, has today announced the launch of its client, MS Bygg AB, newest real estate development project, Nyproduktion Haninge.

Nyproduktion Haninge is a new investment opportunity in which Raise Reach is obtaining capital for a sixty-apartment unit in Haninge, Sweden which has been contracted by MS Bygg AB. The founders of this project, MS Fasad and Ställningsentreprenader AB, are solid customers with an interesting and profitable business model. Nyproduktion Haninge has set out to raise 10 Million SEK and, in return, are offering an 11% interest rate annually. The investments will be returned within twelve months.

"In the case that we get a full investment, we will be able to complete 60 rental apartments in a sensible manner. If something is missing in our country, it is well-designed and affordable apartments.", states Björn Eriksson, COO to MS Bygg AB.

The investment period will start on July 11th, 2019, on RaiseReach.com.

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