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Raise Reach by Sprinkle - today launches the investment platform of the future

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 23, 2019 17:43 CEST

Raisereach ™ by Sprinkle is an internally developed investment platform with a focus on the future. Today it is one of the absolute best investment platforms in the market and is now going to the next level. During the past year the platform has been developed in the form of a proof of concept and tested on some different types of projects. After a few minor adjustments with subsequent evaluation, it is now ready to be launched on a large scale in the market and constitutes the engine of Sprinkle Fusion Power - Fintech 2.0.

The investment platform has now evolved into a powerful engine that gives the company unlimited opportunities to carry out capital raising on behalf of its customers, increase the number of shareholders or to prepare for a listing. All of these services create direct revenue for Sprinkle.

Sprinkle Fusion Power ™, of which the investment platform is a part, connects cross-border, digital services and platforms in a whole new way. Together with automated solutions, the value of the company increases for its growing network of customers and investors.

This strategy has been working and is now yielding strong results through an ever-increasing project flow to the Raise Reach. However, all projects are not suitable for the investment platform, which is why a careful analysis and assessment of the project is done before starting each project.

"Most people have probably heard the expression "the puzzle piece just fell into place". This applies to Raise Reach by Sprinkle, which in the past year has been developing the investment platform. It is gratifying to be number one in Sweden and be one of the absolute best in the market. The platform will be continuously improved to take advantage of the opportunities, including blockchain technologies. This, combined with the continued build-up of a global network of investors and customers, makes the future very bright at Sprinkle”. - Ian Cassiman, CEO Sprinkle.

Sprinkle Media arbetar med mediakommunikation som är relaterat till kapitalanskaffning, fastighetsmarknad och företagande. Genom styrelserepresentation, vår kunskap, vårt nätverk och vår finansiella styrka arbetar vi för att hjälpa bolag att bli branschledande. Vi använder investeringsplattformen raisereach för att erbjuda kapitalanskaffningstjänster som emissioner, fastighetsinvesteringar och crowd funding.