​Raumfeld WiFi streaming speakers greatly expand their content offerings with Google Cast for audio

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 10, 2015 15:22 CET

Raumfeld, a leading provider of hi-fi streaming solutions, announced today that all Raumfeld devices will support Google Cast beginning spring 2016. In an industry first, Raumfeld devices manufactured prior to the introduction of Google Cast will be able to include the new technology via software update. Google Cast is set to greatly increase the number of music services that can be played back by Raumfeld WiFi speakers. At the same time, the new streaming technology serves as the perfect complement to Raumfeld’s high quality sound and commitment to the widest possible range of content options.

Expanded music choices

When shopping for streaming speakers, two features rise to the top of any buyer’s wish list: Sound quality and the range of content supported by the system. Raumfeld’s many user and test reviews never left any doubt as to its speakers’ outstanding hi-fi playback. With the adoption of Google Cast, the young German streaming brand will soon complement its excellent sound with even more options: Practically every popular streaming service will be supported for instant playback on all Raumfeld devices. “Raumfeld prides itself on manufacturing streaming speakers that sound as good as traditional premium hi-fi speakers,” explained Max Boit, general manager at Raumfeld. “The integration of Google Cast allows us to offer the same hi-fi sound quality and the convenience of multi-room from a vastly expanded range of sources.”

Music services such as Spotify, TIDAL and SoundCloud as well as private collections made available on home networks are some of the streaming options currently available on the Raumfeld multi-room system. All playback can be controlled via the free Raumfeld app for Android and iOS. Google Cast will expand this offering with many Cast-enabled apps, a steadily growing list that already includes favorites like Deezer, Tune In or Google Play Music.

A universal streaming technology

Using the same technology behind Chromecast, Google’s popular streaming media player, Google Cast for audio streams content from the cloud to your speakers. Supported by iOS, Android and the Google Chrome browser, Google Cast-enabled options can be controlled by just about any device. Tapping the Cast button in one of the many Cast-enabled music apps is all that’s required to begin playback on a speaker that supports this technology. This will include Raumfeld’s multi-room system from spring 2016 onwards: Models purchased after this date will come with the integration pre-installed. Earlier models, with the exception of first generation devices, can integrate the new technology via free software update.

The range of Google Cast-enabled apps allows a universality and convenience comparable to Bluetooth without Bluetooth’s drawbacks like lower sound quality, limited range and battery drain. Similar to AirPlay, Google Cast uses WiFi to support high quality sound with multi-room compatibility, important hallmarks of the Raumfeld streaming system. “Google Cast is the ideal match for Raumfeld’s German-engineered audio hardware and steaming technology, providing an endless range of content for hi-fi playback,” said Boit. “The partnership perfectly complements the next-level audio streaming we’re committed to.”

www.raumfeld.com. Google Cast will be supported by all Raumfeld devices by spring 2016.

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About Raumfeld

Raumfeld was founded in 2008 in the belief that streaming is the future of music listening. Since then, Raumfeld has created a multi-room WiFi audio system for the enjoyment of a nearly limitless selection of music from private collections and the cloud. The German-engineered speakers support lossless digital files and play them back in true high fidelity. All system functionality - including a selection of popular music streaming services - can be intuitively controlled via a free app for iOS and Android smart devices.

In 2010, Raumfeld was acquired by Teufel Audio. The Berlin manufacturer’s over 35 years’ experience creating quality loudspeakers is expressed in Raumfeld’s premium audio hardware. The coming together of sophisticated streaming technology and high quality loudspeaker construction results in a mature system for seamless multi-room streaming with hi-fi playback.

In 2015, Raumfeld was awarded the Red Dot Award for best product design in recognition of a style that is both sophisticated and distinctive.