Recruiting Doctors: An unnecessary strain on healthcare budgets

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 15, 2008 07:45 CEST

Recruiting Doctors: An unnecessary strain on healthcare budgets

A new study show that unnecessary costs are commonplace when recruiting for doctors. Funds could rather be used to employ more doctors or improve healthcare for patients. Läkarportalen present results from a recent study.

"While employers continue to spend significant money on job advertising for doctors, 7 out of 10 medical students still have problems to locate internship and Locum Tenens", says Johannes Arpegård, one of the Doctors at Läkarportalen, who have just completed a follow up on a study carried out in 2006.

The results in 2008 show that just as in 2006 there is lots of room for improvement and the tendencies are the same.

Naturally budgets control how employers can advertise and recruit, and therefore their possibility to reach doctors. When using expensive services to fill high profile positions there is no money left to advertise or recruit for regular doctor positions, interns or Locum Tenens.

"This situation is unjustified, as both the study and our own experience has proven. The clinics who have embraced cost-free recruiting have managed to fill their Locum Tenens positions without causing dents in their budgets", says Tobias Perdahl, Doctor and founder of Läkarportalen.



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