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Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 14, 2014 15:45 CEST

Rie Kanemitsu is a japanese jeweler/ bespoke designer who came to London a few years ago to study jewelry design!

Her story with her words:

"-when I visited London for the first time, when I was 20 years old, I saw a lot of young girls wearing vintage jewelry, looking like taken them over from their mom or grandma. I was so impressed because the design is very old fashion but they matched into this modern fashion and they were very elegant. 

All the jewellery always have someones special feelings and emotions and history. They are very special.
I really love this psychological aspect of jewellery. (I also have a special ring that I always wear taken by my mom.)

They are given by someone or bought for yourself with special emotion and they are always filled with positive energy. Jewellery has got a very strong power, probably I respect those powers and I would like to be stronger like them. Then luckily I got a visa from uk and decided to study jewelery in London where the jewelry amazed me first, when I was 20. This is how I started to make jewellery. It's not a big decision, but when I look back now, I started to study with a strong passion.

My design is old-fashioned and classic as I always get inspiration from historical buildings, costumes and stories, but they also has a modern twist to it to fit into our everyday life. I use jewellery CAD which I can make a 3D design of jewellery, this is modern technology to make jewelry. 

I offer a complete bespoke service, personally making your jewellery with any metal or stone of your choice. I value every new piece that is bought into my studio and take great pleasure in bringing these pieces to life.

Once you have talked me through your initial design ideas (whether you know exactly what you want or not), I will spend all the time that is needed to refine the design into something that is both personal and beautiful.

Through a combination of my own CAD designs (3D) and carefully chosen reference pictures, we will come to a conclusion about the piece to be made."

"We do not need jewellery to live. But if we had, we can be more strong and get confidence. Jewellery given is contained love, sincere, emotion and friendship. They are ultimate expression of intimacy and fill spiritual satisfaction.They are taken over and over, and get histories. This is what I think of beauty of jewelry."

Rie Kanemitsu

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