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Sagemcom går in på den amerikanska marknaden

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 14, 2010 16:00 CET

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Sagemcom, an international group specialized in broadband communications and convergence, recently entered the US market and expanded its product and software portfolio via its acquisition of Gigaset Communications’ broadband business. This evolution marks the Group’s will to enter a new stage of its development, which is going to carry it over numerous years. Sagemcom thus used the opportunity of the CES Las Vegas (7-10 January 2010) to introduce its latest innovations in connected home services: high speed Internet, IP HDTV, VoIP, fixed-mobile convergence, multimedia distribution, home automation and broadband software solutions.

SAGEMCOM, a leader in BROADBAND terminals

Sagemcom concluded the acquisition of the Broadband and WiMAX business of Gigaset Communications GmbH, a subsidiary of Arques Industries AG and Siemens AG, in July 2009. This deal represented the first acquisition for Sagemcom since being acquired by The Gores Group, a US-based private equity firm, in January 2008.

The addition of the Broadband and WiMAX assets of Gigaset today enables Sagemcom, in accordance with its strategy, to enhance its position as a leading global provider of broadband products and to gain access to new technologies and customers, especially on the American market.


Sagemcom introduced its new products in a suite of the Hilton Hotel during the CES in Las Vegas:

- Home gateways:

The SAGEM F@st™ 3764 box, which won the InfoVision award “Broadband Appliances, Devices and Home Networking” category (Broadband World Forum Europe 2009, 7 - 9 September 2009, Paris, France), provides the most appropriate gateway to meet end-users' needs and operators' requirements. With the universal WAN interface, ADSL2+/VDSL2 and Gigabit/Ethernet, users access very high speed Internet. Thanks to a comprehensive IP router, the subscriber can connect all devices easily and simultaneously across all the interfaces available – multi-Giga-Ethernet, WiFi 802.11n with Easy Pairing function, telephony with integrated CAT-iq DECT technology, HD TV over WiFi, USB port for connection with other devices (printer, hard disk, etc.). Comprehensive QoS techniques ensure the simultaneous use of services with a good level of performance. A DLNA server enables multimedia content sharing. The integration of TR-069 technologies facilitates the installation and the automatic provisioning of services.

Through this home gateway, Sagemcom aims to be at the heart of the connected home by improving the DSL connection, home networking, convergence, voice and printing functions. It also aims to continue its evolution, enabling operators to distribute new services like energy management, home automation, health care and personal assistance, security and to multiply the WAN and LAN interface possibilities to offer an agnostic solution.

The SAGEM F@st™ 3764 is really behind the success of the first massive VDSL2/ADSL2+ gateway deployment offering multi-stream HD TV, remote provisioning and upgrades.

- Home Screen:

Designed for family and domestic use, Sagemcom Home Screen is a compact tablet endowed with a 7’’ screen in 16/9 format, which fits into all rooms of the home. After television and the PC, Home Screen is a screen which provides access to different kinds of information.

With an Internet browser, this unique tablet makes it possible to surf the Internet like on a PC, directly via its hand touch keyboard and to access in a click the numerous applications offered by Widgets (weather forecast, TV programmes, videos, games, etc.).

A complete multimedia reader (audio, video, photo), Sagemcom Home Screen can read files from a USB key, from a SD card or DLNA connection via an Internet box. It can also access contents stocked in another peripheral, both elements being linked on the same Wi-Fi network.

Finally, in stand-by mode, it can cleverly turn into a digital photo frame.

- Spiga:

Under its elegant white glossy design, its wallet format (158 x 94.1 x 18.6) and its feather weight (only 315g), the SPIGA, first 3G+ pocketbook fitted with Windows XP and world’s smallest PC, has a high quality (resolution 1024 x 768 pixels) TFT colour tactile screen measuring 4.8 inches, which maximises Web page browsing and display.

Designed for multimedia and nomadic use, the SPIGA has a webcam (1.3 million pixels), a microphone, a stereo headset, a 1.5 W mono loudspeaker, a SIM card reader and Bluetooth sensor to make interchange with all types of file easier.

With the same configuration as for a classic computer, the Sagemcom SPIGA pocket PC has a proper 56-key QWERTY keyboard, which makes typing comfortable and rapid (two-hand typing).

Equipped with an INTEL™ ATOM processor and the Windows XP family edition, it can use the most common software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and starts up especially quickly (in less than 30 seconds).

The SPIGA also has a stylus pen, a mini USB 2.0 port, an SSD 8Gb memory and a Micro SD card reader, which offers the possibility of storing up to 16Gb of files. The WiFi access, 3G and HSPA connection mean that the user can stay permanently connected and send e-mails or surf the Web, from anywhere in the world.

The integration of Windows XP facilitates installation of different applications just like a classic PC and compatibility with numerous Web applications like Skype™, Microsoft MSN™, Youtube™, Facebook™ or IBM Lotus Notes™. Connection possibilities are thus multiplied and all professional data (e-mails, documents, etc.) and multimedia data (photos, videos, music, etc.) can be managed in a continuous and remote manner.

With the launch of the world’s smallest PC, Sagemcom, specialist in communicating terminals, establishes a new period in the universe of data and mobile Internet and hopes to meet the growing demand for continuous connectivity.

- Femtocell:

Femtocell relieves the GSM 3G network while giving better network coverage at home and 3G coverage in zones that are not covered by the operators’ network. It also includes a reduction of the expenses of facilities for operators, which allows them to propose interesting rates and services to consumers.

Femtocell is a tiny 3G network at home. With it, it is possible to link several mobile phones to the network using a broadband connection. Femtocell provides better mobile coverage at home (5 bars), extends the network’s capacity and offers special prices to users.

Despite its reduced size, Sagemcom BroadW@ve is a 3G access point and much more besides. It can manage four calls at the same time (3G + voice or data) and ensures radio coverage in the whole house. Its automatic configuration makes Sagemcom BroadW@ve completely "plug and play" for all users. Sagemcom BroadW@ve range is developed in partnership with Alcatel-Lucent.

- Smart Home:

The Smart Home solutions developed by Sagemcom are based on the various activities mastered within the company: high added value communicating terminals, perfect knowledge of the communications industry, as well as expertise in the field of systems integration.

Sagemcom implements the offers of services developed by its clients via a platform used to control equipment locally or remotely, secures access to a large installed base of equipment and enables monitoring of its actions from any display terminal.

The offer can be applied to different fields including energy, home monitoring, security or home comfort.

The platform developed by Sagemcom is hosted in an Energy Gateway, which serves as an interface between the consumer’s various sensors / actuators and the server set up on the operator’s premises.

Various services for energy efficiency issues are illustrated:

  • Consumption reading & profiling for water, gas and electricity
  • Next bill estimation
  • Local production and performance monitoring
  • Automatic load shedding
  • Carbon footprint

The Smart Home concept also takes on its full meaning as it can be used to activate household equipment from a mobile phone, PC or touch-screen tablet.


Sagemcom offers a complete range of IPTV digital set-top boxes, including hybrid platforms, from entry-level products to High Definition MPEG4 recorders, as well as powerful, customisable middleware, running over Linux OS to support customer applications. A DLNA stack implemented into the STBs makes it possible to share content with other multimedia devices within the home.

The company can also propose value added solutions, such as a complete VOD system, a QoE (Quality of Experience) monitoring system, etc.

At CES, Sagemcom demonstrated its latest “universal” STB, offering hybrid reception (IP + SATELLITE + TERRESTRIAL), equipped with a pluggable HDD, secured for content protection. A home screen was used as the remote control of this STB to highlight the interoperability of our multimedia products.

- Broadband Software solutions:

The software offer is a vendor agnostic solution, which consists of a standards-based remote management system, and client software tools that enable service providers to deploy, maintain and support broadband services in a cost-efficient manner. The solutions also empower home users to manage and configure their own home network with ease. Sagemcom remote management system is currently used by over 20 broadband service providers and its client software has reached more than 25 million broadband customers worldwide. Now with this solution part of its portfolio, Sagemcom is extending its reach worldwide with end-to-end software solutions for the broadband service provider.

About Sagemcom

A French, international scale, high-tech company, Sagemcom is working to establish itself as a leader in high added value communicating terminals. It specialises in broadband communications, telecoms and energy, and the document management sectors: consumer and professional printing terminals, digital TV set-top boxes, broadband and residential terminals, communicating management solutions, energy and systems management, telecom partnerships and convergence.

With a turnover of more than 1.3 billion euros, Sagemcom employs 6,030 people on five continents. It is headquartered in Rueil-Malmaison (France). Sagemcom’s sustainable development policy commitment starts right from the product design stage. It applies to the whole of the industrial process, from eco-design in accordance with ISO standards, reducing the energy consumption of its products, and all in the context of an ethical code of practice applicable on all its suppliers. Sagemcom was the winner of the 2009 and 2010 Telecommunication Product category Customer Service Prize.

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