Sandra Lindner´s Verform Luminaire in

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 15, 2010 15:27 CET

German Sandra Lindner has provided us with a sketch-like x-mas tree made from oiled pine. The tree will fit a minimalistic home or fit your office, even a true minimalist needs candlelight in these cold and dark days.

And after Christmas it can easily be folded and stored in its packing box.

Sandra Lindner´s Verform Luminaire; Perhaps not the opposite something much more poetic and organic is her porcelain lamps — a combination of a small glass insert for a tea light and a translucent outer shade which provides a soft and evocative light.

All lamps are cast in the same mould but the firing process gives each one its own unique expression, an interesting combination of industrial and one off production.

In all her works, handicrafts is involved as a principle; she combines mass production with that little extra that manual work can provide. This preoccupation is especially expressed in her work with ceramics. Right now she follows the ceramics track to get new results, for instance the Verform lamp will come with black shades, and ceramic tableware is not only on her drawing table but in the oven.

Rigetta Klint

 36 years old industrial designer Sandra Linder is a true minimalist, with her family roots literally in the north European design tradition. Since her father is an architect and her mother an interior designer, Sandra has a natural talent for design and shapes which she improved by studying Textile and Industrial Design in Hamburg. She graduated in 2002.

Like many other important meetings, the meeting with Sandra Linder appeared out of randomness, then I just needed one single look at her website to know that we are related.

Sandra Lindner's works reflect her passion for clear shapes and material in its purest form. She works with wood, leather and metal as well as porcelain, ceramics and various textiles. All her products are developed for mass production. is a vissionary and pioneering department store and a meeting point for varius contemporary cultural expressions.

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