Sanitation pads in Uganda

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 12, 2013 22:05 CEST

Our partner BanaPads in Uganda invested almost the entire month of June in capacity building of the the five ladies appointed.

The ladies were also provided with a start-up loan.. The initial investment per entrepreneur was € 40 to cover the costs of training and training material and €164 to cover the cost of the first 330 packs of  sanitation pads.

Each women entrepreneur started her business on 25th of June 2013. The entrepreneurs went to villages assigned to them by BanaPads. In the villages they now sell sanitation pads in packs of 10 for a cost of  €0.60 per pack.  The entrepreneurs earn themselves a commission of €0.10 per pack. As the entrepreneurs has invested in 330 packs, they  thus have potential of earning €33.  €0.50 per pack is recovered to repay the loan provided by Action10 through BanaPads.

As soon as the loan is repaid another five women will have the opportunity to become social entrepreneurs by selling sanitation pads. The project will also be enlarged if Action10 is successful with fundraising. The goal is to provide start-up capital for at least 20 women during 2013. The five ladies now serve five times 330 women with sanitation pads every month.  Pads the women did not have access to before. The program aims to increase the number of women social entrepreneurs from five to 100 before the end of 2014, thus the number of served women will be 330 000.

The social aspect is obviously core to everything and we are happy to share the message from the Director of BanaPads Mr Richard Bbaale. Mr Richard Bbaale writes to Action10 “The women are feeling your appreciation and I want to say that they are meeting their needs for connection, matter, gratitude, celebration with your kind contribution.”

Note :
The technology behind the project is that  BanaPads has created a simple technology that converts banana pseudo stems, an abundant & free organic waste, into highly absorbent paper..  The justification with producing and selling sanitation pads is  to keep village girls in school and to create jobs for local women.

We at Action10 are convinced that extreme poverty can be eradicated in all countries. Considering the resources and the capabilities in the world today, it is unacceptable that some of us suffer under extremely poor conditions. At Action10 we have developed high quality tools and strategies and we are collaborating with the most qualified experts to eradicate extreme poverty. Our expert partners are capable local development institutions in low and middle income countries. In the development programs that we participate in, it is these expert partners who set the agenda to ensure needs driven initiatives and locally adapted solutions. Action10 has proved its concept since 2009 and we have generated significantly improved livelihood conditions for extremely poor people in many countries. The organisation is achieving its goals and we are scaling up.