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Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 20, 2016 14:26 CEST

Those who have listened to the tunes of Swedish-Eritrean New Yorker Sa’ra Charismata before will tell you that her lyrics are usually politically tinged. She has previously been described as “the quintessential revival of the modern protest song in pop music” and ”an outspoken voice that mainstream media may never acknowledge” (Afropunk).

Whether it be her song “Mushroom,” a high energy pop-punk song with references to Super Mario Brothers characters like Koopa Troopa, which she uses to draw comparison to our current social order and political climate, begging the question who is really in control; or in “Gold Digga,” where she takes a stance against the evils of capitalism and makes it clear that she would “rather die than be a gold digga”; or in “Sheep (Let Me Go)” where she confronts systemic violence and quite bluntly states, “War is a business, we’re funding corporate interests”; or in “Big Man” where she tells us she “stays green [because she is] not a slot machine” and warns of the perils of pharmaceuticals; it’s needless to say, Charismata has continuously found clever ways to talk “real issues” dipped in her special sweet catchy hook sauce.

But who is Charismata when she isn’t taking on those bigger socio-political quandaries in her music? And how has she been influenced by her more personal relationship experiences?

Charismata has previously said that it has always been easier for her to write about more far removed issues, such as politics, that may not directly impact her because she hasn’t dealt with the shame surrounding some of the more personal things that she has gone through. One day though, she would be ready to share something a bit more personal, like her experiences with love, she stated last year; and today is that day. 

Sa’ra Charismata’s new single “Addicted (To Your Messed Up Kinda Lovin),” released today, September 20th, 2016, gives us insight to her struggles being in a co-dependent relationship as well as her own battles with addiction.

“Addicted (To Your Messed Up Kinda Lovin)” is a song written by Sa’ra Charismata and John Strömberg and is a self-release by Charismata, distributed by Spinnup.


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