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SARomics Biostructures and enter discovery alliance

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 07, 2014 10:14 CEST

Lund, Sweden, and Zürich, Switzerland, May 7th, 2014 – SARomics Biostructures and announce today that they have entered into a strategic drug discovery partnership. Within the alliance, the two companies will perform joint research with the goal of finding novel bioactive agents against therapeutic drug targets. In particular, the collaboration aims at identifying new lead- and drug-like molecular entities with innovative modes of action, and obtaining structures of macromolecular receptor-ligand complexes.

SARomics Biostructures is one of the small fast-growing biotech companies in Lund. SARomics has attracted significant funding for its research programs and is currently involved in three international research initiatives aiming to discover leads for new medicines. In parallel the company has built a global reputation for its structure-based drug design skills and technology platform and is currently supporting clients in Asia, Europe and North America to pursue their drug discovery objectives. SARomics utilizes the MAX IV Laboratory synchrotron in Lund for its research. In 2016 the next-generation MAX IV research facility will open as the most advanced synchrotron in the world. was founded in 2013 as an ETH spin-off company to provide innovative molecular design and drug discovery services to the pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industries.’s pioneering computational technology platform generates new molecular entities with multi-target activity profiles or designer selectivity. Their proprietary de novo molecular design approach is based on revolutionary industry-proven technology to deliver “leads on demand”. Located in Zürich, Switzerland, supports international high-profile clients.

By merging the unique and highly complementary capabilities of the two companies, a matchless hit and lead discovery approach will be implemented. The advanced structural biology platform and expertise contributed by SARomics Biostructures are combined with’s unique molecular design approach. The scientific excellence of the alliance is reflected by the leading expertise of for the rapid generation of proprietary bioactive agents through computer-assisted design, and the established platform for structure-based design and hit-to-lead optimization implemented by SARomics Biostructures. This ideal combined drug discovery approach will bring ligand- and structure-based discovery together, and enable access to novel bioactive agents as both fast-followers and first-in-class hits and lead compounds. The collaborative platform will enable the discovery of orthosteric as well as allosteric effector molecules to innovate small molecule drug discovery.

"We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with in a way that clearly leverages the strength and competitiveness of both companies. We see this initiative as ideally complementary to our other research collaborations." Dr. Björn Walse, CEO of SARomics Biostructures

"I am convinced that we have a perfect match of competences and experiences that will enable us to move forward towards discovering innovative lead compounds and the underlying macromolecular complexes for important therapeutic targets.” Dr. Petra Schneider, CEO of

SARomics Biostructures AB is a technology-driven research company located in the Medicon Valley region of southern Sweden. SARomics’ advanced structural biology platform and expertise in structure-based drug design is applied to a number of innovative early stage drug discovery projects as well as in fee for service projects for clients. The company’s extensive portfolio of FastLane™ off-the-shelf protein structures enables faster project execution, substantially accelerating the drug discovery process. SARomics is currently a collaborative partner in several international research efforts and has  been awarded EU financing for three consecutive drug discovery research projects: SARTRIC to tackle antimicrobial resistance, as well as TAKTIC and KINOMED, which are kinase drug discovery projects for oncology indications. For further information please visit LLC is a privately owned company founded as a spin-off from the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zürich, Switzerland. Its unique inSiliCode™ molecular design technology offers rapid access to new chemical entities with desired properties. In addition to pursuing its own drug discovery projects, provides consulting and contract research services to the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotech industry. For further information, please visit