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SARomics Biostructures opens U.S. sales office

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 10, 2015 14:03 CET

SARomics Biostructures is the leading structural biology provider in northern Europe and has built a global reputation for its structure-based drug design skills and protein structure determination services. Recently the company has been focusing on structure determination of antibody – antigen complexes and is currently supporting clients in Asia, Europe and North America to pursue their therapeutic antibody development objectives. SARomics utilizes the MAX IV Laboratory synchrotron in Lund for its research. In 2016 the next-generation MAX IV research facility will open as the most advanced synchrotron in the world. In parallel the company has attracted significant funding for its internal research programs and is currently involved in three international research initiatives aiming at the discovery of leads for new medicines. With the establishment of the new U.S. office, located at 245 First Street, Cambridge, MA, SARomics is now coming closer to innovative companies in Greater Boston, one of the world's leading biotech hubs.

SARomics’ new U.S. office is located at: 245 First Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

Björn Walse, CEO of SARomics Biostructures, said “We are excited about the move to this vibrant area and look forward to get the opportunity to work with world-class companies and their ground breaking projects.”

“Structure-based design is crucially important for early stage drug discovery projects, but many early stage firms do not have the internal resources to develop these skills and/or the significant funding required for instrumentation and synchrotron access. I look forward to filling an urgent need in the biotech community for SARomics services”, says John M Lindsay, CEO at SciPartners. 

SARomics Biostructures AB is a technology-driven research company located in the Medicon Valley region of southern Sweden. SARomics’ advanced structural biology platform and expertise in structure-based drug design is applied to a number of innovative early stage drug discovery projects as well as in fee for service projects for clients. The company’s extensive portfolio of FastLaneTM off-the-shelf protein structures enables faster project execution, substantially accelerating the drug discovery process. SARomics is currently a collaborative partner in several international research efforts and has been awarded EU financing for three consecutive drug discovery research projects: SARTRIC to tackle antimicrobial resistance, as well as TAKTIC and KINOMED, which are kinase drug discovery projects for oncology indications. For further information please visit

John M Lindsay began his career at Millipore Corporation and quickly advanced to executive vice president and business area manager of several divisions of the company. In 2000 John founded SciPartners, with the objective of building a platform for development of early European companies and brands in North America. John’s focus is the Life Science market, and over the past 14 years he has successfully built up sales and marketing that led to rapid growth and increased revenues for many companies.