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SARomics ProPHECY™ technology successfully used in the design of potent antimicrobial peptides

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 01, 2008 07:48 CEST

SARomics AB announced today that together with researchers at Lund University and Uppsala University they have successfully used their ProPHECY™ technology for the rational design of potent antimicrobial peptides.

The work that will be published in the scientific journal Biochemistry describes a novel approach comprising selective amino acid changes based on structural considerations in an amphipathic peptide template, a biological and in silico evaluation of the resulting peptides, followed by a global analysis of interdependence of biophysical parameters and antimicrobial as well as hemolytic activity (cell toxicity). By utilizing a low number of amino acid substitutions at strategic positions in the original peptide template, guided by the ProPHECYTM analysis, they were able to develop peptides, which, in contrast to the parent peptide, exerted a significant antimicrobial activity on the disease causing bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. The work provides for the first time, predictive tools not only for antimicrobial activity but also for eukaryotic cell toxicity, as well as insights into the mechanisms governing selectivity towards different bacteria. 

The new findings will be presented September 2, 2008, in the latest issue of the journal Biochemistry (Pasupuleti et. al., Rational Design of Antimicrobial C3a Analogues with Enhanced Effects against Staphylococci Using an Integrated Structure and Function-Based Approach, Biochemistry, 47, 35, 9057-9070, 2008, 



SARomics AB's proprietary ProPHECYTM technology, allows the systematic optimization of biomolecular properties. The method is based upon the application of multivariate regression methods to correlate novel computed physicochemical descriptors with experimentally determined properties. This greatly reduces the effort, time and cost to optimize one or several targeted properties.  


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