SAS Internet services in your mobile

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 04, 2005 10:37 CEST

SAS is the first airline to offer Internet services to passengers via
their mobile phone. Via SAS MobilePortal, passengers can check in and
check flight times and their EuroBonus points. They can also book rental
cars, read the latest news and even order flowers. By surfing in at on their mobile phone, SAS customers can access the
entire range of services from a single site online.

SAS MobilePortal will be launched in Sweden on October 3- 4 and in the
other Scandinavian countries later in the autumn.

"It is natural for us to offer our traveling customers SAS services
direct to their mobile phone," says Sophia Nybell, President of SAS
Business Opportunities.

SAS has developed the mobile portal through cooperation with Digital Act
Stockholm AB. The solution is based on the adimo mobile platform. SAS
MobilePortal can be accessed from most mobile phones regardless of
operator and subscription. The services works both for GSM and 3G
subscriptions and is adapted to the small display on mobile phones for
optimal Internet surfing.

For further information, please contact:
Sophia Nybell, President SAS Business Opportunities AB, +46 70-9972050
Lasse Schönnings, Partnerships Manager, +46 70-9971224
Mikael af Kleen, Product Development Manager, +46 70-9971968