Urban Tribes

SATS and Urban Tribes by Running Sweden team up

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 03, 2013 09:00 CET

Up to 150 people will gather from several SATS centres and jog to a central park location where the tribe will form and split into groups based on level of ability and how hard they want to run that evening. Up to five coaches from Urban Tribes by Running Sweden will lead the warm-ups and the training sessions in each tribe before taking the groups back to their respective centre after the session.

“We’re taking running to a whole new level,” says Urban Tribes by Running Sweden head coach and former New Zealand international athlete Rubin McRae. “People in our business talk about how great it would be to get 3% more people running or 5% but as far as I’m concerned, pretty much everyone can run and if they have the right conditions, pretty much everyone can love running.”

“We want to make sure they run hard but run happy with us when we run with SATS members.”

“Every runner is always looking for a friend or partner that runs the same speed as themselves,” says Urban Tribes Managing Director and marathoner Colm O'Callaghan. "Now, SATS can provide that but it won’t be just one or two people to jog with, it will be a whole group of runners that has the same speed, goals and drive.”

In January of 2014, Urban Tribes by Running Sweden will also be shaking up studios in SATS fitness centres across the Nordic region with their Runners Strength class; a tough strength-training session designed to help you get ready for the running season. 

"We hope to get thousands of people to start running or become better runners. It feels great to be able to offer our members running and outdoor training at the highest level. Urban Tribes by Running Sweden are complete running nerds and their coaches can make sure even the beginner can find joy in running and training," says Daniel Almgren, Nordic Product Manager at SATS. 

The SATS Urban Tribes will run from January 2014 starting with indoor classes in 14 SATS centres in Stockholm, 9 in Oslo, 4 in Gothenburg and 2 in Helsinki. Those same centres will be the starting points for the outdoor tribes in April. The outdoor tribes will run all year throughout 2014.

We believe in the buzz of getting fitter, healthier and stronger. We know that anyone can enjoy that buzz. They just need the right circumstances. We love being the ones that get them there. We love seeing people discover new things about themselves through training. We love seeing them work hard, achieve results and get to places they never knew they could go. We love training. We love running. We run happy. 

 Our goal is to get you to the starting line trained, motivated and injury-free.