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“Sayzsation” with Alex Sayz celebrates the 50th episode!

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 18, 2013 19:54 CET

As one of Sweden’s most established DJ/Producers, Alex Sayz has come to represent one of the best opinions of EDM trends today. 

After his professional start in radio just a short time ago in 2011, his radio show “Sayzsation” has grown to just over 40,000 listeners weekly.  With special show features including hot new releases and special guest mixes with prominent DJs, the one-hour show is mixed live and features the most current popular electronic dance music. 

“Sayzsation”, which airs every week on Stockholm’s Radio 107.5 as well as and represents one of the most successful EDM radio shows in Sweden. “Sayzsation” IS Alex Sayz. His rules, his mixes and his portrayal of what is hot and current in electronic music. 

Today is a milestone celebrating the 50th episode of the widely attentioned and acclaimed radioshow. Alex Sayz will continue to spread the love to all you dance fans out there!  

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