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Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 29, 2015 09:51 CET

In the grocery trade, the increase is 31% and in the public sector the increase is 77%

For the company's main categories (minced hen, meatballs and hamburgers and broths), we see continued strong growth in both the retail trade and the public sector, especially in poultry mince, which has seen an increase of 50%.

'It is extremely gratifying that Scandinavian Organics has established itself so strongly in the Swedish market.' says Mike Westin, sales director. 'The road to achieving a nationwide presence and sustained profitability is long, but this sales development shows that we are on the right track. "says Westin.

'We look forward to 2016 with great confidence, and with the largest expansion in the company's short history.' says Nils Wetterlind, CEO and founder. Contracted committments include:

  • New agreement with Bergendahl (City Gross) starting in week 5
  • Expanded listings at Axfood with Bujjo & Ready Meals commencing in week 5
  • Increased listings at ICA with Bujjo starting in week 5
  • New supplier to Waynes Coffee with Ready Meals
  • The launch of ready meals to restaurants and cafés with a new, in-house sales force
    • New, dedicated in-house sales force for retail
  • 'The Restaurant & Café market is a huge market which so far we have not touched." Says Nils Wetterlind. 'To have one of the largest players, Wayne's Coffee, as a customer, encouraged us to launch all of our ready meals in bulk and to very strongly attack this market. The in-house sales team for retail is crucial to increasing our presence in supermarkets. We expect to increase our coverage in Sweden's three largest cities, where we have 80% of our clientele, from less than 20% to over 75%within three months.'

    These investments, together with a sharp, focused and highly targeted marketing strategy, focusing strongly on digital marketing and physical tasting campaigns, an increased and far better functioning factory and a much stronger and more focused management team all lead us to look forward to 2016 with confidence and optimism.’

    For more information, please contact Nils Wetterlind, CEO of Scandinavian Organics AB, by or 0722236888.

    Scandinavian Organics AB (publ) är en producent av ekologiska matprodukter till konkurrenskraftiga priser. På bara drygt ett år har Bolaget vuxit kraftigt och Bolagets produkter ligger nu centrallagerlagda inom ICA, Axfood (Hemköp och Willys), Martin Servera och Menigo .Produkterna säljs även i ett antal Coopbutiker. Företaget har även gjort stora framsteg inom den offentliga sektorn, framförallt inom skol- och äldreomsorgen. Bolaget är noterat på Nordic MTF under kortnamnet SCO MTF och Bolagets Mentor och likviditetsgarant är Mangold Fondkommission.