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Scandinavia’s leading forest site launches

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 07, 2017 00:10 CEST

The Swedish forest community and site has always attracted a significant number of members and visitors from Norway, western Finland and Denmark. Today, more and more international visitors also find’s their way to this, in depth forest technology source of inspiration.

“We get more and more questions from people who asks for English translations of interesting content”, said Torbjörn Johnsen, one of Skogsforum’s owners.

“We have put a lot of thought on how to satisfy the international visitors and after much discussion and evaluation, we have decided to launch another, brand new site with English as the main language.”

"All puzzles fell into place as we came across a good domain name and now we have the new site, running and ready for foresters and loggers from all over the world," says Torbjörn.

Members can start their own groups

The main parts of are similar to the successful model of with members discussing and contributing with content. An active Forum part with many different themes and in-depth articles on mainly forest technology, chainsaws and everyday-related experiences. Questions and problems that foresters and loggers are wrestling with the World around. Additionally, unique content from the Swedish Skogsforum, translated into English, will be published and there will be possibilities for members to start their own groups or a blog.

“ provides a very good opportunity to profile yourself in the international forestry world, while acquiring new friends and expanding your professional network”, says Fredrik Reuter, the founder of

Personal integrity without compromise

Membership on is free of charge and as a registered member you have access to all content and can participate fully in network and community.

"Unlike some other social media, we keep member’s personal integrity firm," says Fredrik Reuter. We will not claim members more than an email address and we will not track their interests or behavior. It is also possible to join under alias as long as the communities terms and conditions are respected.

According to Torbjörn Johnsen, the launch of is made possible by many forest technology companies who supports an active and passionate forest network.


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2. The owners of, Fredrik Reuter and Torbjörn Johnsen now launch as a digital community for foresters and loggers worldwide. logo

Fredrik Reuter and Torbjörn Johnsen

Facts about

-Started June 4th in 2017

-Owned by the Swedish company Skogsforum Media AB

-Contains editorial material, discussion forum, groups and a member department

-The main language is English, but it's possible to write in different languages and use, for example, Google Translate to translate content.

-Membership for individuals are free of charge

Facts about Skogsforum Media AB:

-Started the Swedish site in april 2005 has today more than 34 500 members

-It’s owned and produced by Fredrik Reuter och Torbjörn Johnsen

-The main content of is discussion forum, blogs, member area and video