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Scania will deliver 400 city buses to Singapore

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 08, 2008 10:32 CEST

SBS Transit, Singapore's leading public transport company, has ordered 400 Scania buses in addition to the 500 units ordered in 2007. With engines featuring exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technology, these buses will meet both 2009 European emission standards (Euro 5) and the stricter enhanced environmentally friendly vehicle (EEV) standard. The delivery also includes Scania's systems for logging and monitoring of vehicle performance data.

The order is part of SBS Transit's on-going replacement of its fleet of 2,800 buses with vehicles featuring better environmental performance. The buses that Scania will now deliver are the first in the SBS fleet that will meet both Euro 5 and EEV standards.

"This additional order is evidence that SBS Transit has confidence in Scania as a supplier. It is not just a matter of the passenger comfort, quality, environmental performance and operating economy of these buses. Also decisive has been Scania's ability to live up to the demand for a long-term partner that can adapt its products and services to the needs of SBS Transit," says Norman Koh, General Manager of Scania Singapore.

Scania's commitment to SBS Transit includes training the company's drivers in fuel-efficient and safe driving and supporting the build-up of systems for monitoring the performance and operating costs of the buses.

"Another factor is good experience with our bus bodybuilder and other local partners, whose deliveries of the previous order demonstrated high quality and the ability to deliver according SBS Transit's requirements," Mr Koh says.

All the buses will have bodywork produced by Gemilang Coachworks in Malaysia. Deliveries will begin next year.

The buses are of the low-entry type and will be equipped with Scania's 230 hp, 9-litre Euro 5 engine employing Scania EGR technology and particulate filters to meet the stricter EEV standard. With EGR, emissions are reduced right from the combustion stage, eliminating the need for aftertreatment equipment and additive tanks on the vehicle.

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Scania is one of the world's leading manufacturers of trucks and buses for heavy transport applications, and of industrial and marine engines. A growing proportion of the company's operations consists of products and services in the financial and service sectors, assuring Scania customers of cost-effective transport solutions and maximum uptime. Employing 35,000 people, Scania operates in about 100 countries. Research and development activities are concentrated in Sweden, while production takes place in Europe and South America, with facilities for global interchange of both components and complete vehicles. In 2007, invoiced sales totalled SEK 84.5 billion and the net income amounted to SEK 8.6 billion.

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