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Scope sells Infobric to Jönköping Business Development

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 20, 2015 08:00 CET

Scope Growth II L.P. sells Infobric AB to Jönköping Business Development AB, a regional investment company with institutional and private investors. The founder and management remain as shareholders in the company.

Since Scope invested in the company in 2008, Infobric has become the leading supplier of access control systems for the construction industry. During Scope’s ownership, Infobric’s sales have increased by 40% per year. Around 1,000 building sites in Sweden, Norway, Finland and the UK are currently connected to Infobric’s system. Clients include Peab, NCC, Skanska, JM, Veidekke, Lujatalo, Ramirent, Cramo and Lambertsson. Infobric’s growth has been propelled by geographical expansion and the launch of new products.

“Together with Scope we have laid the foundation and I look forward to continuing the journey with Jönköping Business Development” says Johan Harrysson, Managing Director at Infobric.

“In Scope we have had a very engaged partner and together we have built a fantastic company,” says Kenneth Johansson, founder of Infobric.

“During our ownership, Infobric has evolved from being a regional entrepreneurial company into an international market leader in its niche. The company has grown over 40% per year during our time together and continuing this year growing by more than 50% with good profitability. I foresee continued good growth opportunities both in Sweden and internationally. Infobric has been a successful investment that has given Scope Growth II investors an excellent return.” says Andreas Ossmark, Partner at Scope Capital Advisory AB.

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