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Secure Phone, a perfect MDM-solution for small and medium enterprises

Press release   •   May 26, 2014 10:42 CEST

The market for mobile device management has seen a rapid growth over the last few years. At the same time as the market is consolidating, the Swedish MDM-company Inquso believes it is even more important to offer an easy-to-use, affordable solution for small to medium businesses. 

”Many of our competitors are focusing on large companies where the demand and budget look very different compared to a small business, says Jenny Strömberg, MD at Inquso. There is a lot of talk about a market consolidation, but our customers thinks it’s an advantage that Inquso is a small company with headquarters in Sweden. We work closely with customers and partners in order to continuously improve our solution, something that may be difficult for many of our larger competitors”, Jenny tells us. 

”We have one category of customers who use Secure Phone because it is a simple solution for getting a pin code and e-mail settings in place. They also know that they can erase the device if necessary. The other category of customers use Secure Phone to distribute apps and lock devices so that they are only used for work-related tasks”, says Jenny.

Why should enterprises and organizations care about MDM? ”The answer is that they should not care about MDM, means Jenny. The important thing is to have a simple solution that functions so well that nor the IT-department nor end-user knows that it is there. The solution must also fulfill all the security policies that companies and organizations demand and ensure that these policies are met also on mobile devices, not only on PC’s and servers,” Jenny concludes.

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Secure Phone – the preferred choice for small to medium businesses when it comes to manage and secure information on smartphones and mobile devices. 

Inquso AB developes the product Secure Phone. The team behind Inquso early identified the possibilities to simplify the use of smartphones for organisations.