SenseAir AB

SenseAir in co-operation with Autoliv

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 14, 2009 09:24 CEST

SenseAir AB, a competence center for all kinds of IR gas measurements, has received its largest development contract ever, by Autoliv, the world´s most dominating supplier of safety equipment for the automotive industry. It deals with the development of a revolutionary different Alcohol Sensor based on NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infra-Red) Technology. The new alco-lock system, based on optical measurement technique, implies a technical break through for this kind of application.

The objectives of the project are to demonstrate and validate alcohol sensing solutions meeting the demands of large user groups, and meeting current and future legislations worldwide. Some specific goals therefore are established that distinguish this project from existing alco-locks as well as in accurate gas analysis:

  • Hygienic - contact free without mouthpiece
  • Easy to use and completely maintenance free
  • Reliable and hard to manipulate
  • Fast response time even at low temperatures
  • Cost-effective

After three years of research, partially supported by Governmental funding addressing the technical challenges, the pre-development phases have now been finished and the preindustrialization in this new niche has started.

The leader and co-ordinator of the project, Autoliv, invited SenseAir to the co-operation because of its well-known and world unique competence in Infrared Spectroscopy, as well as in sensor high volume production, another area that needs to be addressed before the goals are met.