SF Anytime announces its new cross platform Online Store for Video on Demand

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 02, 2012 11:36 CET

Stockholm, Sweden,  1st March 2012 – SF Anytime launched its new web store, which is fully integrated with its new commerce platform powering SF Anytime’s video on demand services across tablets, Smart TVs and web. With SF Anytime’s new web store users will enjoy a rich and user friendly service that meets the needs of today’s VoD consumers.

“We’re taking the next step enhancing the user integration and user friendliness with our new web store while at the same time moving into a true cross platform commerce solution when launching the new web store. This allows our customers to enjoy our services across many different devices with a single back-end platform.” commented Jakob Hammarstedt, CTO and Head of Distribution, SF Anytime.

The new SF Anytime storefront as well as the underlying platform has been developed by NeonStingray, which is SF Anytime’s main technology provider. 

SF Anytime has been the leading VoD provider in Scandinvia for a very long time, and we are proud and thrilled to work with SF Anytime to develop front-end applications as well as technology solutions that underpins its overall consumer offering”, commented Patrik Molander, CTO, NeonStingray.

About Neon Stingray
Neon Stingray is a Connected Devices Company that specialises in Apps for multiple platforms, technology and devices including web browsers, native mobile environments, connected TV’s and a range of smart connected screens. Neon Stingray provides clients with enterprise solutions including cutting edge, device specific UX/UI, Architecture, Systems Integration and Managed Services. For more information email or visit

About SF Anytime
SF Anytime is the leading Video on Demand service in Sweden and is part of SF Consumer Entertainment. The company was founded in 2002 and currently operates in seven countries. SF Anytime is available through operators such as Telia, Com Hem, Bredbandsbolaget, Canal Digital and Boxer. The service works on PC and Mac, Smart TVs and tablets from Samsung, Panasonic and LG. SF Anytime offers a wide range of titles that cover everything from the latest blockbusters from Hollywood to smaller quality films and television shows. Read more on