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Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 26, 2019 19:53 CET

Greetings earthling!

SIGHYAWN is sort of a clothing brand. We're not used to seek for attention but we realize we need it to continue our work.

We swore not to make a press-release and avoid terms like "drops", "collections" and dodge the usual cycles of the clothing industry. We want to make something a little bit different and break down narcissism and anxious attention seeking but we fail every. goddamn. day. 

Sometimes you just have to give in to the established ways to reach out, but as long as you reflect over the fact that you are giving in, at least you're not a dead fish.

So; this very much alive fish wants to drop the news that our webshop is officially opening on Friday the 29th of March at 18:00 CET. We have been doing beta-testing and everything seems in order so, YAY!

The webshop will be our main window parallell to our Instagram, which is only natural considering the target audience. 

We registered the trademark in 2017 and have since then had a focus on local youth and community-building through numerous brand building, print designing and screen printing workshops. 
The workshops is the very core of the brand. We have established a few guidelines, our own dogma, to maintain a certain authenticity to the artworks and content we come up with as a community, but the brand itself should never settle with a certain tone, standing point or logo, cause everything has to be open to reflect the views and ideas of the community all together. 

A lot of bullshit, huh? Yes, we know every brand story sounds amazeballs and then the shit you get delivered just lives up to half of your expectations. Well, we try to break through with something truly larger than stupid garments. 

We're not influencer driven. Instead we want to offer an inspiring crossroad for regular youth to develop together under the Sighyawn brand and then head on to new adventures. Learning something new, getting to meet others with a common interest in clothing or illustration or photography or whatever. We try not to apply the pressure of profit and we want it to be okay to fail, cause that's how you learn. 

Just look at this shitty press-release? A great example of just doing something and see what happens. Sure as hell learning something from it.

Anyway, If you wanna; have an eye open as the shop launches on Friday and follow us on our mission to create something meaningful. 

Stay blunt.

IG: @sighyawn


More information available on the site but if you wanna talk directly to us you're welcome

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Sighyawn is a brand owned by Noyoga AB.