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Silke ultrafine finishing powder is now available at

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 10, 2012 19:00 CET

Get that look of natural flawless skin!

This fantastic powder is a 100% natural, eco-friendly
and totally sheer, loose anti-shine finishing powder.
It is so lightweight that it is completely invisible even in close-up.
The powder`s unique formula is transparent when applied onto the
skin and it adapts to any skin tone level & type.

The powder is perfectly suitable in the everyday makeup routine for
both women and men that just want a great anti-shine product,
aswell as for professional makeup artists that now only need
ONE SINGLE POWDER in their makeup kit instead of many
different shades and colors.

Use it directly on bare moisturized skin, or for fixation after applying
Lyster cream bronzer, concealer or foundation. Perfect to use to
throughout the day and evening for touch ups.

SILKE is not filled with cheap additives or preservatives, so it is a very
concentrated and fine-grained powder. The sole ingredients Silica and
Sericite are all made from natural earth elements.
Silica is transparent and offers a smooth medium matte, silky finish.
It is highly absorbent and is used for shine control and reduces the
appearance of fine lines.
It is also approved by the Swedish Society for Nature
Conservation (Naturskyddsföreningen)
as a great eco-friendly ingredient choice preserving the environment.

Sericite is a fine-grained, colorless mica powder that offers a silky
natural glow to the skin. It improves adhesion without clogging pores
and its ultrafine light reflecting texture floats on skin and make the
appearance of fine lines more soft.
The powder is also great when the skin is very sensitive for example
post laser surgery.
It can also be used on skin during dermabrasion, hyperpigmentation
and blemishes for a natural flawless finish.
The powder is also suitable for High defenition makeup and film.

The SILKE packaging is an eco friendly and recyclable PETG jar.
It is one of the most environmentally friendly substrates of the plastic packagings.

Use SILKE ultrafine finishing powder after applying your
Lyster cream bronzer, concealer, foundation or use it directly on moisturized
bare skin for a natural flawless finish.

• Apply a very small amount of SILKE with Manasimakeup´s mini powder puff,
sponge or a brush on desired areas or onto entire face for a natural flawless finish.
Use extra powder on areas that need a more matte finish.

• Use a pressing motion on areas that need more focus.

• To clean use a mild cleanser and follow up with a moisturizer

• 100 % Natural ingredients
• 100 % Vegan
• No Parabens
• No Mineral oils
• No Phthalates
• No Preservatives
• No Talc
• No Perfumes
• Suitable for HDTV and film
• Suitable for both females and males
• Suitable for any skin tones and types
• Suitable as a great hairstyling powder aswell

Only Silica# and Sericite

# Silica is approved by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
(Naturskyddsföreningen) as a great eco-friendly ingredient choice
and preserving the environment.

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