SINAIA - Multifunctional wear for active urban living

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 25, 2009 15:10 CET

CONCEPT: Sinaia is sophisticated and engineered sportswear clothes for urban men and women on the go. Sinaia is activewear and sportswear combined in the same garment. The collection keeps its sports identity through fabrics, trims, finishes and practicality but colors and styling push it onto the streets. The functional driven design means that nothing is there for show, all details and seams have a function.


COLLECTION: The fall/winter 2010 collection consists of 22 styles for men and women- everything from t-shirts, base layers, midlayers, shell jackets to thick down jackets and parkas. All styles are made out of technical fabrics to help the wearer keep dry, warm and comfortable in many different environments and all weather conditions. The collection is also designed to be layerd on the body for best protection against the elements.

The garments have distinctive and forward looking designs but don’t follow fashion trends, which means you can use them season after season till they fall apart.


CUSTOMERS: Our customers are curious adventure seekers with an active lifestyle. The Sinaia styles will offer you premium performance with always appropriate design. No matter how big the adventure is, like biking to work, traveling to Berlin or skiing down a mountain, Sinaia will cover most of your needs.

"We want to make technical, versatile and timeless clothes without compromising on either style or performance. The styles should work as good when you take your dog for a walk as on a trip to New York. The advantage of having 2 styles in 1 will probably make your life easier when travelling, with less clothing to carry with you." says the founder and designer of Sinaia- Ana Kristiansson

BACKGROUND: Behind the brand Sinaia stands Ana Kristiansson who has a genuine background as a fashion designer. Ana’s education is among other from Parsons School of Design in Paris and New York. She has previously worked as a designer for companies like Peak Performance, Salomon, Tenson, Helly Hansen and A-One.

Ana was a member of the Swedish National Pentathlon (Shooting, Obstacle course, Obstacle swimming, Hand grenade throwing and Cross country running) Team from 1998-2003.The competitions were all from Swedish championship to World Championships and with that a whole lot of travelling all over the world. Thats when the idea for Sinaia started. Ana couldn’t find clothes that were both stylish and functional that you can wear down town and also be active in. After her fashion degree studies and 5 years of experience from the active wear industry she was ready to start her own business-2007. Ana is also working as a freelance designer for various companies.

Sinaia designs a series of refined multifunctional styles that will fulfil your needs when travelling, being active and in your busy everyday life. Sinaia will keep you good looking and comfortable in many environments and weather conditions.

 All our garments are manufactured in Europe and all our fabrics are Europe sourced to minimize transportation and pollution. We try to use environmentally friendly fabrics as much as we can in our collection. All our base layers are made from Cocona fabrics for example.  Every factory and supplier that we work with has high ethic standards, respect human rights, has a good working environment and makes sure no child labour occurs. We are not saying, YET, that we are a “green” company, we are just saying that we make an effort and do our best to minimise the impact on our planet. By making long lasting quality garments they automatically become more environmental friendly.

VISION: We want to provide our customers with stylish, technical, and practical garments that allow them to have a more active and uncomplicated lifestyle.

We want to help our customers to achieve a better balance in their life. By providing women and men with the Sinaia collection they will look good, feel good, be active, be healthy, and have fun.

We keep trying to incorporate as many environmentally friendly fabrics into the garments and review the way we deliver the goods to the customers. We have versatile designs, as a result you don't have to sacrifice comfort or style.