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Six reasons why MSC Meraviglia will be next year’s ultimate summer destination in the Mediterranean

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 06, 2016 08:30 CEST

With just twelve months to go until the first guests set sail on-board MSC Meraviglia, MSC Cruises - has revealed further details of its first next-generation smart ship. Designed around meeting every need of its guests, MSC Meraviglia will introduce new, cutting edge ways to connect holidaymakers seamlessly with the experiences that matter to them, whether at sea or on land. With the first cruise scheduled for 4 June 2017, MSC Meraviglia will feature the ultimate in entertainment, alongside a broad range of dining options and luxurious wellness choices.

1.Exclusive, world-class entertainment from Cirque du Soleil

The highlight of on-board entertainment will be represented by the world leader in artistic performance, Cirque du Soleil, thanks to the exclusive Cirque du Soleil at Sea partnership with MSC Cruises.

MSC Cruises designed a custom-made entertainment venue, the Carousel Lounge, for MSC Meraviglia and its three Meraviglia and Meraviglia-Plus sister smart cruise ships. Featuring the latest technology, this ground-breaking venue, which has been designed to meet the needs of Cirque du Soleil and its performers, will be a stunning circular performance space with a 180° circular glass wall. Kitted out with the most cutting edge equipment and special rigging, the Carousel Lounge will enable Cirque du Soleil performers to deliver their world-renowned performances for the exclusive enjoyment of MSC Cruises guests.

2.Enriched family offering and cutting-edge entertainment for all ages

With MSC Meraviglia, MSC Cruises continues to evolve and enrich the family options that have historically been at the core of its offering. The facilities and services for families on every MSC Cruises holiday, are designed to ensure that it is engaging for all members of the family, both together and individually.

For the first time on any MSC Cruises ship, all of the facilities for families, kids and teens are all together in a super amusement park and children’s area. This means families have a dedicated area specially designed for their needs, providing a safe place for children, and an opportunity to also meet and get to know other families. This area includes the DOREMI Studio Lounge, a dedicated lounge for all family activities, DOREMI Tech Lab, a must visit destination for kids who love technology, as well as facilities designed in partnership with family experts including the LEGO Group and Chicco.

Amongst other features, the on-board Aqua Park will include four action-packed water slides, a splash pool and champagne bowl. And the Himalayan Bridge will thrill adventure seekers, who can attach themselves to a rope and cross the ship, 60 metres above the water.

3.Comfortable accommodations to meet every need

The innovative accommodations on MSC Meraviglia demonstrate the way that MSC Cruises puts the guest at the heart of its designs and ship building - the way in which only a family-owned business can. With 10 different types of cabin to choose from, there really is something for everyone.

4.A truly unprecedented choice of both fine and casual dining options

MSC Meraviglia makes available to her guests an unprecedented choice of both fine and casual options through 12 venues – in true MSC Cruises fashion - serving always fresh, authentic food. This starts with the buffet, open 20-hours a day, which will serve a delicious array of Mediterranean specialities and international cuisines – including ethnic, “itinerary” and wellness corners plus a multitude of other tastes and dietary needs catered for round-the-clock. In addition, fine dining options examples include the award-winning Kaito Sushi Bar, the new Kaito Teppanyaki Restaurant and an American-style steakhouse with specialty meats from around the world (details of additional fine dining options will be revealed over time).

5.The 96 metre-long Mediterranean-style promenade

Another outstanding feature of MSC Meraviglia is her impressive Mediterranean-style indoor promenade, featuring an 80 metre LED sky that creates an awe-inspiring atmosphere 24 hours a day. With stunning visuals and effects, the Promenade will be the social centre of the ship and a focal point for a broad range of leisure activities. Amongst others, guests can stroll up and down, sit back and take in the atmosphere, shop until their hearts’ content, snack on delicious ice cream or crepes from Jean Philippe Maury, the award-winning French chocolatier and pastry chef.

6.Elegant pools for daytime relaxation and night-time entertainment

MSC Meraviglia offers all her guests a choice of three elegantly designed pools:

  • The main pool, located on deck 15 is inspired by the cool vibes of Miami’s South Beach. At approximately 25 metres long, it has the most generous poolside space at sea. By night, the pool becomes a visual spectacle, illuminated with special lighting. There is also a buffet nearby with inside and outdoor dining options, providing guests with more convenience and optimal relaxation time.
  • As MSC Meraviglia is the ship for all seasons, there is a 10 metres indoor pool with a magrodome that can be opened when the ship is in port or the weather simply allows for it.
  • Finally, the Aft Pool on deck 16 offers spectacular views from the front of the ship, while by night is transformed into a space where guests can dance the night away under the stars.

Additionally, the private One Deck Pool, exclusively for the use of Yacht Club guests, is in a coveted position at the top of the ship on deck 19 providing a quiet haven for relaxation.

These are just some of the special features of the incredible MSC Meraviglia and more will be revealed soon.

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