Skangass AS

Skangass delivers first LNG cargo to Gate Terminal in Rotterdam

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 15, 2013 12:58 CEST

The Norwegian LNG producer and
distributor Skangass AS made the first delivery to Gate Terminal earlier this
week. Coral Energy, which has a capacity of 15,600 cbm, is the first LNG
carrier of its size to berth at and deliver a cargo to Gate Terminal.

To obtain access to Gate Terminal,
Skangass has entered into an agreement that will last to the end of 2014, with
the Danish energy company DONG Energy, one of the existing capacity holders at Gate.

“At Skangass, we are in a position
where we have spare liquefaction capacity at our production unit in Stavanger
in 2013. When our LNG terminal in Lysekil in Sweden is in operation and we
start to deliver to Preem refinery in 2014, we will have to complement our own
production with LNG from other sources. The deal with DONG Energy is part of
the solution. This means that we are now ramping up production and running our
liquefaction plant at full load,” says Peter Blomberg, Director of Special Projects at Skangass.

For more information please contact
Peter Blomberg, +46 768 312 350

Skangass AS provides natural gas in liquefied or gas form to industrial, maritime and automotive customers in Scandinavia. Deliveries are shipped out from the production plant in Stavanger via vessel or truck. Skangass manages the LNG Carrier Coral Energy and has a hub terminal i Fredrikstad. An additional terminal is currently being built in Lysekil that will be opened for customer deliveries as from mid 2014.