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SKISTAR INVITATIONAL with Ingemar Stenmark and Bojan Krizaj

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 12, 2007 12:56 CET

Two parallell courses…
20 legends...
Team Stenmark vs Team Krizaj…


WHEN: Saturday 17th at 19.30

WHERE: Stjärnbacken, Åre (10 minute walk from downtown Åre)

WHAT: The greatest alpine skilegends bringing it on to support Active Life Foundation

On the night of Saturday the 17th, at 19.30, a nostalgic event is taking place in Åre.

10 of the world’s most famous alpine skiers will take on a challenge from a Nordic team led by the great Ingemar Stenmark.

The international team is represented by 8 different nations and led by Bojan Krizaj, Slovenia. In total, the two teams has collected 583 World Cup medals, 34 World Championship medals and 16 Olympic medals

The format is parallellgigantslalom and the event is broadcasted live on Eurosport all over Europe. In a two run challenge the racers will try to collect points to their team.

The race is FREE to watch and all the benefits from the race go directly to Active Life Foundation. A fund, created by Thomas Fogdö, which help injured athletes to get back into an active life.

Sponsors have already signed up to support the race and the foundation and during the race their will be a possibility to contribute thru phone messages. POLAR is also giving away a Caravan for auction.

Startlist Skistar Invitational:

Team Stenmark vs Team Krizaj

Stig Strand vs Piero Gros, ITA

Bengt Erik Grahn vs Bernhard Russi, SUI

Lars Börje Eriksson vs Luc Alphand, FRA

Jonas Nilsson vs Pirmin Zurbriggen, SUI

Ole Kristian Furuseth, NOR vs Armin Bittner, GER

Olle Rollen vs Franz Klammer, AUT

Johan Wallner vs Thomas Sykora, AUT

Lars Göran Halvarsson vs Paul Frommelt, LIE

Bengt Fjällberg vs Andreas Wenzel, LIE

Ingemar Stenmark vs Bojan Krizaj, SLO

A pressconference with Ingemar Stenmark and some of the riders will be held at Holiday Club Åre on the 16th of February at 11.00


During the evening there will also be a mogul show, or more correct a HOT DOG show. Some of Sweden’s best freestyle riders, young and old will show us a style of skiing that has been the base for today’s freestyle skiing. In colourful clothes and with as much fun an loose riding as possible they will show us skiing in the way it use to be done…

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