SLOWFASHIONhouse welcome RAZER and her biodynamic teddy

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 15, 2010 14:58 CET

Behind RATZER is Danish textile designer Tina Ratzer who has had sustainability as her starting point ever since her graduation in 1998. I've known Tina Ratzer since she graduated from design school, I was among her first customers in Copenhagen and I love both her products and her consistent attitude.

Sustainable are also her quite lovely "homemade" teddy bears made from remnants from her organic blanket production.

Tina manages to have an ideological approach and a playful and aesthetic expression at one and the same time. These adorable small friends were inspired by old-fashioned homemade teddies, each of them with his or her individual personality and their own identification number!

I love them for their softness and their individual personality, but also because they are sustainable in more than one way: the textile is 100% Australian, biodynamic merino wool, the woven fabric was left over from Ratzer’s blanket production, and the dyes used are free from heavy metals

I'm already longing for spring when RATZER will provide our design department with more of her works.

Rigetta Klint

Product info: Teddies made from the eco-remnants from RATZER's sustainable wool blanket production. Big remnants become the teddy; small ones make the filling. Each one is individual and made by hand by the designer herself, with love from Tina Ratzer to you.

100% biodynamic merino wool.

Wash by hand, alternatively machine wash carefully using a 30º wool program. Do not use detergents containing enzymes and optical bleaching.

 Price 40 euro

Size h 20-25 cm is a vissionary and pioneering department store and a meeting point for varius contemporary cultural expressions.

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