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SmartCoding - the new course starting today, April 1, 2019 at The Park in Stockholm, Sweden

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 01, 2019 18:31 CEST

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN: We are thrilled to announce that as of today April 1st, SmartCoding team celebrates another great achievement, the opening of Junior Full Stack Web-Dev course that will run for 3 months.

As every little detail has already been taken care of by our dedicated team, SmartCoding is ready to open the doors to new students, starting their Full-Stack IT education journey today.

As usual, in order to offer each and every woman the well-deserved attention and support, we decided to have a small group of students. Each student is provided with a laptop and unlimited counselling from our extremely committed and amazing teacher Victor and IT mentors! We at SmartCoding believe that the more the merrier, therefore, after graduation from this course every student is given IT career development support. They may become part of a teach team at one of companies or startups in Stockholm as interns and later on junior developers, learning and still developing their tech skills.

SmartCoding aims to empower women towards their goal of learning and building a successful, yet professional profile in the tech world. “There is still a gender gap in IT in Sweden like everywhere else. We're bringing in a lot of guest lecturers to support the course participants. Other women who have been through this process will motivate participants to continue learning, because there's a lot of fear about programming, especially once you are a woman with no experience in IT. That's one reason why there's a huge gender gap” says Despina Stamkou, co-founder of SmartCoding. So far, SmartCoding has been offering 2 types of courses in the timeline of last 12 months: Beginner Software Developer and Junior Full-Stack Web Dev. The initiative has been supported by various companies and startups, such as Klarna, Mr Green & Co AB, Aditro, The Newbie Guide To Sweden, Hive Streaming, NIRA Dynamics, Talking Design and many many more! 

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About Smart Coding SmartCoding is a Stockholm based initiative founded in 2018 that offers free of charge programming education courses dedicated to women who want to start a brand new career in IT. SmartCoding has been successfully providing also the support to students that are developing their career and will start the internships at the companies and startups located in Stockholm Region. For more information please visit For questions about partnership please contact