Snek has joined Mynewsdesk

Press Release   •   Jul 11, 2013 19:47 CEST

Snek has joined Mynewsdesk 

Established in 2012 SNEK (See No Evil Kollective) introduced their urban culture inspired street wear collections to the underground tribes, and became one Kollective! As a brand we are all about celebrating the love for urban culture, from street-art, to music and fashion. 

Our values consist of spreading positivity and love through our designs and voice. Our SNEK logo is written as a tag and our "Mizaru"-symbol is taken from "the three monkeys" with a Buddhist saying; if you are not exposed to evil, you do not project evil on others. Combined, they give our brand it’s identity. SNEK strives to continually grow it’s global Kollective. Always looking for new and innovating ways to do our t-shirts and accessory designs, and searching for great and exiting collaborations with other talented crews within their various fields. 

Snek is always evolving with a burning desire to be creative, and seen as well as heard!